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Bohemian Protective Styles

Bohemian is one of the most popular styles that is becoming favorite choice of the girls. Whether it is clothing or the hairstyle, every girl loves bohemian styles. If you are also among the girls who have immense love of bohemian style, then you should definitely try bohemian protective style. If you want to do various bohemian protective style, simple way to start with your hair is making braids. After all, it is all about braids that make good bohemian hairstyles. Here, we offer you the few tips that will help you to get the one of the best bohemian hairstyle.

Bohemian Protective stylesDon’t be too perfect while making bohemian protective style, bohemian style is all about imperfections. Avoid doing every braid in its place as bohemian style is all about imperfections. Disheveled hair will give you perfect bohemian hairstyle. Half-up bun for twists is the one of the popular bohemian hairstyle that goes with every kind of outfit. Whether you are high-school girl or going on a valentine date, this bohemian hairstyle is the perfect choice for any outfit.

Braids adds bohemian look to any hairstyle. Whether you are doing braids either full on your hair or half of your hair, it will add spark in your looks. For instance braided pigtail is the latest fad among girls you can do it on any occasion. In fact, it will go with every look. So you don’t  need to worry about your bohemian style or chic style. Braids will also set your edges that make your style more hairstyle beautiful.

Bohemian bun is another style that looks elegant and stylish in every way. Be mindful that it looks good on natural hair and it is perfect for that hair only. So if you have wavy or chemical treated hair you may not get that attractive style. Don’t worry if you have wavy, straight or short hair, you can use natural hair extensions to do bohemian bun. Bohemian Protective style is the simplest and stylish hairstyle. Perfect bohemian outfit and hairstyle will make you definitely center of attraction. So my lovely girlies be ready to amaze your boyfriend with amazing bohemian look. If you have any query or doubt, feel free to ask.

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Top Easy To Do Protective Styles for Natural Hair

Protective style is one of the trending styles that are going with every hairstyle and every outfit. You can never go wrong with protective styles. Moreover, protective styles serve great benefits for natural hair. It will protect your natural hair texture and maintains the moisture of your hair. The best thing is about it last long and you need to worry about the damages or combing regularly. Now my dear girls, you can enjoy freely without worrying about the hairstyles. I know you must be thinking for some easy protective style that can help you out during your lazy days. Here, Diva Dealzz bring some of the best easy to do protective styles.

Proper care can give you the best results. You need to nourish your hair properly with the oil. Castor oil and jasmine oil is good for your hair and helps in moisturizing your hair. Another basic thing is hair serum to detangle your hair and give it a soft and smooth look.  In the above video, two braids are another hot trend that goes for high school girl and office girl. The main challenge is to set small hair ends that can be done with tooth-brush. You can easily style your hair in two braids pony tails.

Every girl is cute but girls with glasses are cutest. Girls who wear glasses need to do hairstyle that will match their whole outfit and make them look good and beautiful. In the above video, DivaDealzz brings some amazing ideas for such girls to make them look more gorgeous. Buns are the foremost trend for natural hair and it will add more spark to your look. Another style is to do large braids of your hair and twist them one in counter-clockwise and other in clockwise direction to get perfect protective style bun. You can also learn more styles from the above video. I am sure this video will help you to dress perfect for your date.

If your hair is short, you can use extensions to get the perfect protective style for natural hair. If you want to ask something more let us tell in the comment section.

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Easy To Do Protective Styles with Buns

Dear Girls!! Maybe you are afraid to apply harsh chemicals on your hair as you never know which chemical react worst to your hair and damage it. On the contradictory, it is hard to manage the natural hair as they can be quite fizzy. A moisturizer is true blessing in that case and it will help you a lot to get your hair moisturize. A good hair serum will settle down all the hair edges and will also protect your hair from outside pollution or the dust. These all products can help you for few hours but not for whole day. Protective styles is the style that can protect your hair not only for a single day but for many days.

I know you girls must be thinking that protective style has been so common so you want something new and unique; buns are the latest styles that look quite adorable on every girl. Moreover, bun can be go with any look from high school girl to office wear. In fact, you can also to do a bun for a party look. Bun is the perfect protective style for natural hair. If you are thinking which bun and how it could be done, above video is tutorial for various buns for natural hair. There are many buns that you can choose from like space buns, flat twists & buns, French braids& buns, top knots and many more. Top knot and flat twists& buns are the most common buns that can be done in various styles. Moreover, they can go with any look and any style.

Protective styles can be easily carried out if you do proper care and style in healthy  way. You need to take care of few things to get healthy and strong hair. Proper shampoo and conditioning is the first and basic step for proper hair care. After that moisturizer, serum and other curling products plays it a great role. Hey girls with short hair, you can take the advantage of the hair extensions to make the bun. I hope this article will help you and you can rock the party with your amazing bun.

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Easy To Wear Protective Styles for Natural Hair

Natural hair needs extra care to avoid damages or breakage. It is obvious you don’t want to damage your hair texture and look good without any damage. Protective styles are the best option in that case, it will not only protect your hair from damages but will also helps in hair retention. My beautiful girls!! You must be thinking about some easy protective styles as some of the protective styles may take a long time to do but that’s not true. Here are some brilliant easy to wear protective styles that can be easily done by you.

Two twist protective styles is one of the simplest and easiest protective styles. Every girl can easily do it at on their own without putting much effort in it. Hair washing is the essential part in the protective styles. Proper oiling and moisturizer is required to maintain the volume of the hair and moisturizer of the hair. Good shampoo will be helpful in the hair retention and will also make your hair protected from unwanted pollution. Two–Twist is the protective style that can go for all types of look whether it is high school girl or office-going lady look.

Flat twists are other protective styles that are simple and elegant to make any look perfect. You can go with any look from formal to casual. In fact, if you are planning to go on a Valentine date with your loved one, flat twists will be bliss to you in such situations. You need to remember few tips before starting the hairstyle. The first thing is to apply a leave-in conditioner on your natural hair to detangle it. Secondly, apply curl style pudding with coconut and Shea oil that is good for moisturizing and defining the curls. It will make your curls soft and moisturize. Leave-in conditioner has a lot of benefits besides detangling, it helps to protect your hair from atmospheric pollution and dust. It also makes your hair shine and obtains softness.

I hope these hairstyles will add shine to your date. If you want to ask anything related to protective styles, feel free to ask and I will love to answer it.

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Protective Style Ideas, Biotin?

Protective style is one of trending styles that is ruling the era but it needs a lot of care to protect them from breakage and damages. There is no use to waste your time on hairstyle if you cannot take care of your hair.  Proper care results in healthy hair that leads to good hairstyle. You can use various products that offer vitamins and minerals to your hair and help in hair retention. Some supplements like biotin are very necessity for the hair growth and maintaining moisture.

Biotin is B complex vitamin that is available in capsules and liquid. It is very useful for the hair and offers great benefits. You can take biotin in many forms but there is one type that will satisfy your taste buds as well.

Yes, my lovely girls!!

You heard it right!! biotin can be beneficial for hair and will also make your taste buds strong.  You can add biotin liquid in your smoothies with different fruits like mangoes, strawberries, beetroot and many others. Fruits are rich in nutrients that will make your hair shine and strong. Biotin will be beneficial in hair growth and give volume to your hair. Protective style will help with less manipulation and will also add glamour to your look.

Hair washing is another basic step that you need to take care of.  Oiling is the foremost step in the hair wash for protective style natural hair… You can use the mixture of olive and coconut oils. After hot oil treatments, shampoo and conditioning is another basic step that is needed. Deep conditioning will protect your hair from dust and damages. It will also nourish your hair and keep your hair healthy and clean. Protective styles is one of the most beautiful natural hairstyles but it needs proper attention to get effective results. Those girls having short hair can take advantage from wigs but they also need to take care of it.

I hope Diva Dealzz gave you enough information to protect your protective styles. In case, you have any inquiry comment down below, I will be happy to help you out my beautiful girls!!!

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Protective Style Ideas Using Box Braids

While going out vacation, the real tough job for girls is doing hairstyle that will last longer. Protective style is one of the hairstyles that will accompany you during the entire holiday season. Box braids are the protective styles that last long and is trending a lot. The best thing about the protective style is that it will protect your natural hair from damage and keep moisture and will also help in length retention. protective styles are also good for those lazy hair days.

Box braids is one of the creative ideas to look classy and elegant at the same time. Make tiny braids on your entire hair and you are ready to rock yourself. The protective hairstyle offers great benefits such as protective hairstyle prevent you from unwanted elements like dust particles etc. the moisture of your hair is maintained that makes your hair look great. Besides the major benefits of protective styles, it gives you entire new and stylish look. If your hair is short and you are interested in protective styles in box braids, wig can be used as a protective style.

Multiple wigs give the great results for box braid protective styles. It makes your hair look heavier and healthy. Dear girls, you cannot go wrong with box braids if done correctly and done it according to the right method. Protective hairstyles need proper care to get best results. You need to nourish your hair with hydrating balms or natural oil before starting as it will settle down your all edges. In fact, hydrating balm will maintain the moisture of your hair. You should also protect your hair from high or low temperature by wearing a cap or scarves. It is recommended to sleep in a satin scarf to get best results for protective hair.

I hope this article will help you in doing perfect protective style. If you have any query or want to something more feel free to comment down.

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Protective Styles and Ninja Buns

Change is the law of nature. Every girl looks for a change to look more beautiful and she tries every possible effort to look great. You change your dressing sense to get a more glamorous look. Have you ever given a thought to change your hairstyles? If you don’t want to do experiments with your natural hair, Diva Dealzz presents the ideas of amazing Ninja buns. Ninja bun is latest fashion fad among girls and replaced top knots. You can carry yourself in a stylish look with stunning ninja buns.

Protective styles give you the amazing way to handle your natural hair. Ninja buns are one of the modern protective styles that look great on everybody hair. If you are among those girls who are looking for an easy tutorial for the ninja buns, then I am here to help you. Above video will help you to make a perfect bun.  All you need is hair extra hair, styling gel and spiking glue. Extra will help you in making the bun and styling gel will help you sticking the hair and spiking glue will settle down your edges and give it a perfect look.

Another kind of ninja buns is with front bangs. Front bangs always look great on every woman and ninja bun with fringes will add more beauty. You can get hair band with front bangs and a protective style wig to get a perfect ninja buns. Ninja buns are the best hairstyle for a party as well as casual. In fact, if you are a high school girl ninja bun will make you look exceptional from other girls. Above tutorial will help you in making the perfect ninja bun with bangs.

Ninja buns are gaining popularity and it protects the natural hair in a better way. If you want to get some more tutorials related to it or have any some query feel free to ask. Diva Dealzz is a platform that loves to solve the queries of its lovely ladies.

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Protective Styles and Vacation Hair

Are you ready for your vacations this year? You may have bought new clothes and accessories and booked your flight and planned everything. I am sure you must be thinking about hairstyles that will suit best and comfortable for your tour. Protective styles are the best styles for the vacations because of their comfortability. Loose hair or open hair causes so much trouble and result in falling hair but protective hair manages and protects your hair and gives you stunning look. If you are looking for some guide that will help you in protective hairstyles, YouTuber AccordingtoChloeC will help you.

In the above video, she gave the complete tour guide for the amazing protective style. All you need to do is partition of your hair and apply some leave in conditioner to make your hair soft and shine. Make the partition of hair and comb it tightly. After combing, do braids with equal difference and keep in mind that your braids should meet both ends. Do the braids on both sides of hair. After that, tie a headband on your hair it will settle down the baby hair and protects it for next day too. Now start the first braid and twist it and tie it to another end. Repeat this for every braid and result will be amazing protective style.

This video will tell you the some tips that will help you to manage the baby hair or the edges of your hair. In the above video she has used Aloe Vera gel to slick the edges but it did not work for the protective styles. Aloe Vera gel will make your hair smooth and shiner but it will not hold your edges. Don’t try to mix it water as it does not give you the desired results. Curling custard is the best if you want to hold the edges of your hair. To get desired results, tie a cloth on your hand and keep it overnight. You will found sleek edges on your hair.

I hope this will help you out to spend your vacations wisely. Comment down if you have any query and let us know if you find these tips helpful or not.

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Protective Styles and Top Knots

Protective hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles for natural hairs. The best thing about the hairstyle is that you can carry it comfortably. There are many protective styles that you can do to your hair but top knots are the most trending hairstyle that looks stylish and elegant. You can carry it to anywhere whether you are going for a Christmas night or it is lazy Sunday, top knots are an easy and quick way to style you up. Diva Dealzz presents you the simple tour guides that will help you to do a perfect top know with natural hair. Let’s check out some of the YouTubers tips to do it.

Above video will help you in the doing top knot or ninja bun in simple steps. She will tell you the steps to manage your natural hair as well.  Take all the hairs towards your head and do a high ponytail tightly. Before doing the ponytail, sprinkle water to your hair to set all the edges. Also apply some hair gel to your hair to set your hair firmly. Comb your hair and do a high ponytail. Later do a bun by taking strands from one end to the other end.

Top knot bun is not new and is a style statement for ages. This kind of hairstyle helps in maintains your natural hair. The simple top knot is not only classy but there are different ways to jazz up. If you are a high school girl or want to go office early, the top knot is bliss. You can do it with any dress and at any occasion. This kind of hairstyle suits every girl. In fact if you are a petite girl, it will give you longer effect. A quick and easy bun can give you a glamorous look.

Protective style offers many benefits to the natural hair from hair growth to healthy hair. If you have any query related to the top knots or protective style, feel free to ask. Diva Dealzz is here to help you and solve all your doubts.

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Protective Styles for The Holidays

Protective Styles for The HolidaysProtective Styles for The Holidays

It is time of vacations and maybe you are planning to spend your holidays by going out and have some thrilling experience. If you are looking for hair care tips that will help you throughout your journey then you should try protective styles. Protective style does not look only stylish but also offers many benefits like hair growth and also reduces hair damage. There are amazing protective style ideas that look perfect and stylish. I personally love the protective style a lot and tried many different styles.

If you have short hair and looking for some different protective styles then you can try above the protective style that is perfect for holidays and look amazing. YouTuber Naptural85 tells the detail method of protective style. I learned step by step and did it. The hairstyle looks quite similar to the natural hairstyle. Castor oil and argon oil are important products for great protective style. Castor oil is thick and moisturizes your hair and makes it frizz free. Argon oil will help in separating the curls without creating frizz. It can go with any outfit from dresses to denim or shorts. Messy hair is also quite trend and it gives you the illusion of messy hair.

As you all know it is that season of holiday, you may also try other protective styles that will look amazing on you. YouTube channel Fashion Trend Seeker offers amazing protective styles for every length of hair. You can do many protective styles for holidays according to your hair texture and choice. This channel provides you the amazing tips for different protective styles which includes buns and loose hair styles.

In my early blogs I also have suggested many protective styles that look great. Protective style is meant for women to children. Yes you can also do it on your child’s girl. It is considered as one of the easiest and best way to protect your natural hair. If you have any query or want to know more about protective natural hair style, comment down below.

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