Protective Styles

Protective Styles and Vacation Hair

Are you ready for your vacations this year? You may have bought new clothes and accessories and booked your flight and planned everything. I am sure you must be thinking about hairstyles that will suit best and comfortable for your tour. Protective styles are the best styles for the vacations because of their comfortability. Loose hair or open hair causes so much trouble and result in falling hair but protective hair manages and protects your hair and gives you stunning look. If you are looking for some guide that will help you in protective hairstyles, YouTuber AccordingtoChloeC will help you.

In the above video, she gave the complete tour guide for the amazing protective style. All you need to do is partition of your hair and apply some leave in conditioner to make your hair soft and shine. Make the partition of hair and comb it tightly. After combing, do braids with equal difference and keep in mind that your braids should meet both ends. Do the braids on both sides of hair. After that, tie a headband on your hair it will settle down the baby hair and protects it for next day too. Now start the first braid and twist it and tie it to another end. Repeat this for every braid and result will be amazing protective style.

This video will tell you the some tips that will help you to manage the baby hair or the edges of your hair. In the above video she has used Aloe Vera gel to slick the edges but it did not work for the protective styles. Aloe Vera gel will make your hair smooth and shiner but it will not hold your edges. Don’t try to mix it water as it does not give you the desired results. Curling custard is the best if you want to hold the edges of your hair. To get desired results, tie a cloth on your hand and keep it overnight. You will found sleek edges on your hair.

I hope this will help you out to spend your vacations wisely. Comment down if you have any query and let us know if you find these tips helpful or not.

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Protective Styles and Top Knots

Protective hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles for natural hairs. The best thing about the hairstyle is that you can carry it comfortably. There are many protective styles that you can do to your hair but top knots are the most trending hairstyle that looks stylish and elegant. You can carry it to anywhere whether you are going for a Christmas night or it is lazy Sunday, top knots are an easy and quick way to style you up. Diva Dealzz presents you the simple tour guides that will help you to do a perfect top know with natural hair. Let’s check out some of the YouTubers tips to do it.

Above video will help you in the doing top knot or ninja bun in simple steps. She will tell you the steps to manage your natural hair as well.  Take all the hairs towards your head and do a high ponytail tightly. Before doing the ponytail, sprinkle water to your hair to set all the edges. Also apply some hair gel to your hair to set your hair firmly. Comb your hair and do a high ponytail. Later do a bun by taking strands from one end to the other end.

Top knot bun is not new and is a style statement for ages. This kind of hairstyle helps in maintains your natural hair. The simple top knot is not only classy but there are different ways to jazz up. If you are a high school girl or want to go office early, the top knot is bliss. You can do it with any dress and at any occasion. This kind of hairstyle suits every girl. In fact if you are a petite girl, it will give you longer effect. A quick and easy bun can give you a glamorous look.

Protective style offers many benefits to the natural hair from hair growth to healthy hair. If you have any query related to the top knots or protective style, feel free to ask. Diva Dealzz is here to help you and solve all your doubts.

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Protective Styles for The Holidays

Protective Styles for The HolidaysProtective Styles for The Holidays

It is time of vacations and maybe you are planning to spend your holidays by going out and have some thrilling experience. If you are looking for hair care tips that will help you throughout your journey then you should try protective styles. Protective style does not look only stylish but also offers many benefits like hair growth and also reduces hair damage. There are amazing protective style ideas that look perfect and stylish. I personally love the protective style a lot and tried many different styles.

If you have short hair and looking for some different protective styles then you can try above the protective style that is perfect for holidays and look amazing. YouTuber Naptural85 tells the detail method of protective style. I learned step by step and did it. The hairstyle looks quite similar to the natural hairstyle. Castor oil and argon oil are important products for great protective style. Castor oil is thick and moisturizes your hair and makes it frizz free. Argon oil will help in separating the curls without creating frizz. It can go with any outfit from dresses to denim or shorts. Messy hair is also quite trend and it gives you the illusion of messy hair.

As you all know it is that season of holiday, you may also try other protective styles that will look amazing on you. YouTube channel Fashion Trend Seeker offers amazing protective styles for every length of hair. You can do many protective styles for holidays according to your hair texture and choice. This channel provides you the amazing tips for different protective styles which includes buns and loose hair styles.

In my early blogs I also have suggested many protective styles that look great. Protective style is meant for women to children. Yes you can also do it on your child’s girl. It is considered as one of the easiest and best way to protect your natural hair. If you have any query or want to know more about protective natural hair style, comment down below.

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Protective Styles for Kids

While I understand you want your child’s hair to last for days without having to stick your fingers in their hair. But please do not ruin your child’s hairline. Tight pulling of the hair can damage the hair line causing their hair to break off. Remember they are still growing and so is their hair. Allow their hair to grow to its fullest without distracting the growth with excessive manipulation of the hair. Remember if grown women can lose their hair line due to consistent manipulation than surely it can happen to a little girls hair.  Be easy with the braids. If you’re going to braid their hair make sure it is not too tight around the edges. Make the braids loose enough that it does not cause hair loose for a young child. Let them keep their edges please. Trust me your baby girl will appreciate your effort in saving their edges when they get older.

Hair care is most essential part of self-care Every person whether male or female protects their hair best and wants to style best. In case of children, it becomes little daunting task as they have soft hair that needs extra care. You cannot experiment much on them as their hair can be damaged. Protective style is one of the safest styles for children. In fact, it is one of the best styles when you want to start with the natural hair. Protective style is trendy and it also helps in growth of hair. There are various YouTubers who provide many protective styles for children. You should definitely give it a try to make your children or sibling look more stylish.

YouTuber Little Mind Catchers Natural Beautiestells stunningnatural protective hairstyle of children with flowers. Make the partition of hair in two halves and then comb it to remove all the tangles. Make the bun on one side and start making braids for the natural protective style. After making braids, tie the bun of the braids on the left and right side leaving first braid both sides. After making the perfect bun, attach beautiful flowers to it to make your children or sibling ready for a birthday party.

Another common yet stylish natural protective style you can do on children is a simple bun. All you have to do is braids. Keya J tells in the complete tour guide in her Vlog how to do simple and stylish protective styles. Make the tiny braids with many straight cuts. After making the braids, do a bun of braids on both sides left and right leaving the first braid on both. You can tie beads in the bottom of left braids to flaunt it.

Iamawog is another YouTuber who tells quick and easy 5 minutes tips to have a complete natural protective style. Make the hair partition into three parts, start making braids in the back part. Do a simple ponytail of back partition and start making tiny braids of that pony tail.  After completion of braids, do zigzag partition on left and right side and make another pony tails on both sides. Again do tiny braids of each ponytail. After finishing it, tie left sides of all braids on the right side, and braids of right side on the left. You can attach a bow on the back side of protective ponytail to make it more beautiful.

You can do any of the above protective styles to adore your children but don’t forget to use good curly gel moisture products for kids during the whole process. It will make their hair smooth and shiner. Comment below on your favorite protective style.

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Protective Styles Prevent Hair Damage

While my hair is down my back, I must say I am an avid wig lover. Why on earth would I dye my hair one day, cut it the next day and then try to wear it long another day. I love changing my look up, I might want to rock a short wig and the next week rock a long feathered wig (depending on the outfit I am wearing that week, I like to rock a sexy hair to match my outfit). Meanwhile, my natural hair is tucked away in different protective styles. I usually let my hair take a break, especially in the summer because the weather is so humid and flat ironing my hair is non-negotiable so I wear wigs in the summer and in the fall I wear my hair out because well, I have missed my hair of course.

Protective Styles Prevent Hair DamageThe protective styles I use for my wigs are cornrows on wet hair and I use a deep conditioner of my choice or I will twist my hair in two pigtails and wrap them around in a crown-like design to apply my wig. I am a firm believer the less you leave your hair alone the better off it will be. Consistent manipulation of the hair would only cause more strands to fall out such as combing or brushing the hair daily would only add stress to the hair, making it weaker and more likely to snap off when doing different styles. I would also say that consistent use of heat especially a flat-iron can cause severe heat damage to the hair. Simply pick a style for the week and try to stick with it for that week and switch up to something else for the following week. I’ve heard women saying they style their hair differently every day, maybe that works for them but it certainly doesn’t work for me.

Protective Styles Prevent Hair DamageAnother word of advice regarding protective styles makes sure you do what is best for your hair. Please remember that what works for one does not always work for another. There are all kinds of textures of natural hair, so when you’re doing protective styles make sure you’re doing a style that compliments your hair and that last greater than four days so you don’t have to worry about having to re due a whole new style.

Leave a comment and tell us what is your favorite protective style.

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Hair Tips and Protective Styles

Hair tips are important when you are a natural. However you must be cautious of the natural hair community. All advice does not fit all. Kinky hair does not function as the same as someone with a loose curl pattern. Understanding that you have to set realistic standards for yourself to gain the best results for your hair journey. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t try to use the same method someone with a different hair texture does otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure. This post is designed to help you understand realistic standards for yourself. Protective styles for me has been key to my hair journey. I never expected my hair to grow in seven days and I don’t set unrealistic standards for myself.

Yes protective styles is key to a successful hair journey. When you keep your hands out of your hair and let it do its thing without consistently combing and brushing your hair daily than you will certainly see results over time, but not over night as some will claim. These magic pills that you are suppose to take to grow your hair in like 72 hours is a simple book of lies. You have to be naive to believe those type of hype but unfortunately, it yields to be true for some women.

There is one pill that I will not mention but it catered to women of course and especially African American women. Well these pill was offered to women, mostly celebrity women who already have long hair and it gave other women the idea that this pill will grow your hair their length. It would have been different had to gotten a bald headed chick, but instead they got Celebrities to endorse this pill which was designed to entice people to buy. I’m who wouldn’t want Toya Wright’s long locs. But other women started doing a vlog on their experience and I notice they stated they as well as showed their hair were brittle and had severally thinned after using some of these so called magic pills. The point is be careful who you take hair tips from and most importantly remember eating healthy and protective styles are the key to successful hair.

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Protective Styles and Avocado Oil

Protective Styles and Avocado oil

As a natural for the past 20 years, I have been their, done that and tried it. But what I tried was avocado oil and I detest it. Literally. I saw all those raving reviews on how avocado works wonders on natural hair and it helps your hair grow soooo long. Perhaps it worked for the women in those videos but not me. I watch at least over a hundred videos on the wonders of avocado, as I watch YouTube videos to get the bulk of my reviews before purchasing a product. I marched myself right over to Whole Food to purchase a bottle of avocado oil to use for my protective styles, brought it home, washed my hair and used avocado oil as a deep conditioner. As I was placing the avocado oil on my hair and scalp it dripped on my face and of course I wiped the oil from my face. Fast forward three days later and I had face full of bumps from the avocado oil that dripped on my face. It took me at least a full month to get rid of the bumps on my face and it was time consuming. Not to mention the oil did not take well to my hair and ended up drying my hair out. When I say every oil was not created equal, I mean it!

I became very uncomfortable with trying any new oils and I was not feeling some of these so called YouTube reviews. I had to learn the hard way how to not take everything seriously when watching so of these Youtubers rant and rave about how certain products works wonders on your hair. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to be cautious of some of these reviews as some of them are a ploy to get in your pockets and believe the hype around a product that might be crap but they convinced you that your hair will be laid like to the Gods, bullsh**.

My hair was dry and it was a disaster. I will be the first to tell you that our hair textures are different which means oils remind differently for those with various hair textures. I have been using vitamin e oil and he works amazing for my hair (this post is not sponsored by vitamin e oil lol). Using an oil along with a protective style keeps your hair moisturized and allows your hair to flourish but you have to find the right oil. Do not believe the hype that some people put on by those oils, use your better judgement. Try them on your hand first see out it reminds after a few days and next try on your hair. When you finish taking your hair out of a protective style, evaluate if your hair is dry or not, if it was dry I will trash the oil and try another.

Tell me your experience with natural oils by commenting down below.

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Protective Styles and Short Term Wigs

Short hair is in trend these days. If you also like short hair but don’t want to cut your hair short then you can go for protective styles. Wigs are the best alternative for cute short hair. Whether you have short hair or long hair, you can easily wear a short hair wig. Here are some awesome protective styles to make you gorgeous without having to cut your hair for a short-term hairstyle.

Short wigs for fall is one of the best protective styles for your hair.  Fall and winter weather can be harsh to your hair do to the dry season so it’s best to keep it touched away and moisturized. YouTube Vlogger  AbsolutelyErica has a lot of ideas on wearing wigs. She also shows you how to wear a wig that makes you look sexy and confident without affecting your real hair. The synthetic hair wigs come with a comb that works as a grip to your head. Watch her channel to learn different styles.

If you like fringes, but do not want to cut your natural hair, then Youtube Vlogger Marsha has some amazing tips to have fringes with the help of synthetic hair wig. She will guide you how to make fringes with the help of a wig and will also help you style your wig into a fringe style and also straightening it, You can have different styles of fringes with the help of wigs. Fringes are one of the most popular protective styles.

Youtube Vlogger NaturalJoy shows you to style the wig made up of natural human hair. This is one of the best short curly hair styles, you can style it in many ways. It looks quite sophisticated and will mix into your natural hair. If you are new to wearing wigs and worried about its look, then you should visit her channel soon. She suggested some amazing hair styles in short wigs for new wig buyers that will look stunning on them.

You must visit channel of these YouTube Vloggers to style short hair wig. You can maintain your long hair and can also enjoy short hair at the same time. Comment us which protective style is your favorite?

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Protective Styles and How They Grow Your Hair

If you’re in the process of growing the relaxer out of your hair, or if you’ve been natural for a while and want to make sure that you’re being especially gentler on your hair, you’ve probably heard of protective styles. These styles help to grow your hair, because the hair is shielded or protected, so you won’t have to manipulate it by combing and brushing every day. The styles that you choose for protective purposes can keep your hair from breaking as well, since you won’t have to apply heat to your hair to style it.

Protective Styles and How They Grow Your Hair

Some of the most common protective style to choose from include braids and twists. For these styles, your natural hair is twisted or braided to combine with synthetic hair. So, when you style your hair, you won’t have to use a comb or brush for your strands. Instead, you can just pull your hair into ponytails or twists without putting too much pressure on the hair. These styles are ideal because your hair is left alone to grow at its own pace, and isn’t interrupted by heat styling, harsh chemicals, or combing/brushing.

This is also another reason why getting a full or partial weave may be an option when it comes to protective styles. When you get a weave, you can get tracks that are in the style you want, and the hair can be pre-curled or waved so that you won’t have to use heat as long as the weave is in your hair. When your hair has a break from curling irons or flat irons, your natural hair will have time to grow and flourish, and when you take the weave out, you’ll likely notice significant growth.

Protective Styles and How They Grow Your Hair

Be sure to wash your hair with a dry shampoo and keep your scalp moisturized while you’re wearing a protective style, since this will keep your hair healthy during the growth process. Keep in mind that you’ll need to oil your scalp often, since black hair is naturally dryer. However, do a skin test to see which oils are best for you, since some oils can cause an allergic reaction. Avocado, almond and olive oils tend to work for some black hair types, but test the oils out before saturating your hair just to be sure.

When it comes supplements for hair growth, remember that all supplements are not created equal. Confirm that the supplements are made from quality ingredients before using them. Biotin supplement could cause severe breakouts, even if you take them with plenty of water, so reduce your intake to once a week if you notice any changes in your skin.

Which protective styles are your favorite? Let us know!

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Protective Styles for New Naturals

If you’ve gone natural recently, you may need some assistance when it comes to caring for your hair and making sure your tresses are healthy and looking their best. Whether your hair is still growing out or want to know how to care for your full head of new curls, here are a few protective styles that will keep your crown intact.

YouTube vlogger IamTraeh has lots of great ideas for wearing protective buns, using synthetic hair that is blended with your natural hair to create a cute and flirty look. For this look, your natural hair is gathered in a small ponytail at the top of the head and the synthetic hair is wrapped around the ponytail to form a full bun.

Natural Metra from YouTube also has some great suggestions for protective styles for natural hair. Her style suggestion works on natural hair that has been blow-dried. The hair has been formed into a double twist that is braided toward the back and frames the head like a crown. After the hair is twisted, it is pinned at the nape of the neck to hold the twists in place.

YouTube hair vlogger Michelle B also has an up-do you may want to try. She suggests blow-drying the hair on low heat to avoid damage. The hair is moisturized and parted on the side and the front of the hair is flat-twisted. The front section of the hair is then pinned up while more moisture is added to the back of the hair, along with an edge control product that works for natural hair. The back of the hair is also flat-twisted, and the front of the hair is untwisted to reveal curly bangs with more definition before being pinned.

Which of these protective styles is your favorite? Let us know!

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