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If you’ve seen a petite clothing blog or two lately, you know that trends for petite clothing are changing pretty rapidly. There used to be a time when most petite clothing items were pretty basic or standard, since women with smaller frames didn’t want to wear pieces that could make them appear younger. However, more and more women are embracing color. This has become evident in the petite clothing blog world because of the arrival of the ombre dress. Here are some of the ways you can show off your sense of style in a dress that features a color effect that is hard to ignore.

Shop Now for your next outfit by clicking the photo!An ombre dress that can also serve as a cover up for a bathing suit is both chic and practical. Check out a few petite clothing blog entries and you’ll see that a pronounced split in a dress is best for petite figures, since it keeps you from looking too short.

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When you want to break a few fashion rules and wear a maxi dress, make sure that the top is especially form fitting. This will keep your petite frame from being overwhelmed with fabric, and will create a visual balance between the top of the dress and the beautiful ombre detail on the skirt.

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If you’re looking for a more casual maxi dress look, this look skirt and ombre coloring is the way to go. The sleeveless style allows you to show off your neck and shoulders and gives you a taller silhouette.

Shop Now!An ombre maxi tank dress is a great way to show off your casual style while still looking polished. Choose a dress that isn’t too form-fitting, but shows off your curves and falls baset your ankles to give your silhouette a slender look.

Shop Now!Finally, don’t forget about the long-sleeved ombre dress in a mini skirt style. When you refer to petite clothing blog sites for inspiration, you’ll likely find that a mini dress is one of your best bets when you want to look taller and slimmer. This ombre color combination will also bring out the natural warmth of your skin, and is best if you have warm undertones.


Which petite style choice is your favorite? Let us know!

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Denim Outfits for Curvy Girls

You don’t have to stay away from denim if you’ve got curves. In fact, there are plenty of denim looks that are perfect for a full figure. Whether you’re trying to find a pair of jeans that is appropriate to wear to the office, or you need a new favorite denim outfit for casual outings, here are a few things curvy girls should know when it comes to denim shopping.If you choose jeans that are mid-rise, make sure the denim wash is not too light. This could give curvy girls the illusion of larger hips and make your body look unproportioned. A medium to dark wash is best. You can also wear distressed jeans to flatter a curvy figure, and finish off the look with neutral heels or sandals.A mid-rise jean with a dark wash is great for Casual Fridays at the office. The dark wash makes for a dressier look and makes your legs appear longer. It’s probably best to skip the distressed look if you’re wearing the denim in a professional setting. Complete the look with nude heels.When you want to show off your curves and still be comfortable, you can rock your favorite denim high-low dress. This look is especially fashionable with a gladiator-style sandal, since this type of shoe will elongate the legs. The cut of the dress also helps to accentuate your figure while giving you the illusion of longer legs.The single-breasted shirt dress is another stylish wear to wear denim. Curvy girls can pull this look off because the dress has a high waist, which takes the attention away from the hips and makes your legs look longer. The buttons on the dress also allow you to be as conservative or as daring as you want with your style.Thigh-high boots are another stylish way to wear denim. These pair well with your favorite romper or mini skirt and instantly give you the appearance of longer legs. The lace-up feature adds more texture to the outfit, and the lighter the denim, the more elongated your legs will appear.A pair of classic heels with a print should be a go-to for curvy girls. These shoes elongate the legs and give any outfit a more polished appearance. If you choose shoes with a pattern, be sure that the rest of your outfit is neutral or monochromatic, so that you won’t saturate your look with too many patterns.

While of these looks do you like best? Let us know!

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Stylish Petite Clothing Ideas

If you have a petite frame and finding the right clothing for you is a challenge at times, there are some simple fashion tips you can follow to make sure you’re chic and trendy, whether you’re going to the office, headed to a formal event, or just want to look your best when you’re out with friends.

Here are some stylish petite clothing ideas you can try today.
Stylish Petite Clothing IdeasIf you’re looking for a fashionable dress to wear to a cocktail party, first date or evening wedding, a mini dress that has flared sleeves is an elegant and sexy option. The sleeves fall just off the shoulder to make your neck look longer, and a short skirt is always a great choice for petite figures, since it keeps your figure from looking too overwhelmed with excess fabric. This stylish petite option can also make you look slightly slimmer, since black and other pronounced dark colors are great for hiding imperfections. You can pair the dress with your favorite pair of metallic strappy sandals or a classic black heel to elongate the legs even more.
Stylish Petite Clothing IdeasFor a fun and flirty look that is perfect for spring and summer, choose a short sundress with a V neckline and racerback or criss-cross straps. The length of the dress will make your legs look longer, and a dress that is patterned on the bottom will help to give you a slightly fuller figure while drawing more attention to your legs. This dress works well if you’re attending an outdoor party or want to wear something that is carefree yet polished to your next brunch date. Finish off this look with a wedge-heel or gladiator sandal. This will make your legs look longer while still bringing attention to the print on the dress.

Which of these stylish petite choices is your favorite? Let us know!

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Plus Size outfit ideas

It doesn’t matter if you consider your self, thick, plus size or curvy. Come through this spring/summer feeling confident and sexy wearing one of these outfits. Each outfit has a dash of modesty but still sexy. Each outfit is budget friendly and range from $12 to $20 . Tell us which one is your favorite outfit?

Click each photo to find out more about each outfit!

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