Trending Protective Styles for Spring Season

As winters are going and spring season is coming, everyone is ready to welcome it with open arms. My lovely girls must be waiting for this pleasant weather after chilling winds. You must be aware about two things that spring brings with itself that is heat and frizz.

Isn’t it serious problem?

Yes??? No girls, it is no more problem for you. Protective styles make it easy for you. Now, you don’t need to worry about frizzes or oily scalp or other problem related to hair. As you all are aware that protective style is real bliss for every girl. This hairstyle not only gives you stylish look but also protect your natural hair from external pollution.

  • Easy Flat Twist

This hairstyle is the perfect for any hair type and will give you a complete feminine look in the summer. The best thing about this hairstyle is they will not damage or break your hair as they have low manipulation. In fact, it will maintain the moisturizer of your hair to avoid frizz or damaging of strands.

  • Two Braid 

Two braids is the protective style that can be gone with any look and any hair length but looks best with long natural hair. Although this is not new look still it is perfect look for spring season. Moreover, it flaunts the features of your face.

  • Bun Hawk Up do

Most of the girls want to save their hair strands from spring dangers like frizz and many more, this style is the best for them. It is a great combination of a bun and fro hawk and gives you a complete modern look.

  • Elastic Cornrows

If you are planning for something unique that will leave your strands loose as well as give you an illusion of protective style then elastic cornrows is the perfect hairstyle. This hairstyle is the perfect with soft edges that overpowers any bad weather.

Protective styles are the latest fad among girls and it goes well with all looks from professional to glam. You can never go wrong in spring with these mesmerizing hairstyles. If you want to know more about these hairstyles or their methods, comment down below.

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Best Protective Styles that rule for 365 days

Do you also want to know the protective styles that can be done all  year??


Let me give you a quick review for the protective style that can be done for a whole year. Braids that I forever in love with in the protective styles and can be done in various styles.

Guess what??? You can do braids all year and can go with any occasion from formal look to party look. There are various kinds of braids in the protective styles and some of them are mentioned below.

Faux Locs

Faux Locs are the protective braid styles that are becoming favorite choice for many girls. It has gained so much popularity in past years that many celebrities can be seen in this look. You can do faux locs permanent as well as temporary. Yes girls, it is true!!! Moreover, you can do various protective styles from the faux locs. The best thing is that you will not waste your time in managing it.

Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are another protective style that is admired this year. Despite these braids seem daunting task but if done correctly result into amazing hair style. Do you know that you can do these braids on short hair as well? I am not kidding!!! Your hair length does not matter to do this hairstyle.

Rope Twists

Rope Twist is another protective style that is simple to do yet stylish and elegant in its look. These braids are also known as Senegalese twists, originated from the Senegal- country of West Africa. These are the braids that looks remarkable and you can do up, down, twisted, coiled, curled or wrapped. Moreover, this style prevents your hair from damaging and also promotes hair growth.

So girls, I hope you got the answer of some amazing protective styles that can be done in any season and on any day. Whether you are going for a party or office, these hairstyles will meet your requirements. If you want to know more comment below and I will love to answer you. After all,  these are  my favorite style.

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10 Natural Hair Golden Rules For Protective Style

Protective hairstyle is trending style of the year. It looks quite good and attractive but when you tie your hair, you get frizz hair and tangled hair. There will surely be one girl in your group who has healthy, shine and frizz free hair. You must be wondering how to get freshly moisturized hair. Your dream is possible now with simple tips. Yes girls!! You need to follow simple natural golden rules for your protective style to meet healthy hair.


10 Natural Hair Golden Rules For Protective StyleIt does not matter what type of hair you have or what kind of hairstyle you do, the golden rule will be best suited for all kind of hair. The simple hair tips are underneath to get the best results.

  • A balanced diet is very important and main key to the shine and healthy hair. You also need to drink more and more water. Also, make sure to take proteins and vitamin A in your diet
  • Always keep your scalp clean and oil-free; also shampoo your scalp not the roots. Also, keep your hair away from dust and other pollutants. Wash your hair on regular interval that varies from 3 days to 7 days as well.
  • While styling your hair, avoid too many products in your hair as it will make your hair look greasy or weigh down or you wash hair too much that ends up in drying your hair
  • When it comes to natural moisture of hair, you need to apply olive oil, castor oil, monoi oil, shea butter etc to smooth your hair
  • Don’t use hot or cold water for washing your hair as hit water will damage your hair and cold water will not clean it properly so use warm water
  • Use castor oil, hair oil and dry shampoo
  • Apply leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized
  • Use shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type
  • Have peaceful sleep because your hair get effected with daily routine

Above were simple golden rules that will help you in better protective style. Live a stress free life as stress directly affects your hair. Exercise also helps your hair growth and helps in attaining healthy hair. Just listen to your heart and live peaceful and happy life to have beautiful hair. If you have some doubts, comment down below and I will love to solve it.

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Hair Care Tips for Protective Style

Protective style is so much in trend these days that every girl like to do protective style. It has become official style statement of girls. You love to do different styling but have you ever thought that you need proper hair care while washing your protective hair. In fact,  you not only need washing but also co-wash your natural hair. I know you girls must be thinking like what is co-wash and how it will be done. Co-washing is cleansing your hair and scalp with conditioner than traditional shampoo. If you are thinking why it is necessary to wash, conditioner will keep your hair moist and fizz-free.

Hair Care Tips for protective styleHere, Diva Dealzz is presenting you some amazing tips that will help you in proper washing and hair care tips.

  • Find out the best shampoo or conditioner to wash your hair. Before purchasing the shampoo, you must need to know your hair texture to get the effective results.
  • Rinse your hair with warm water. Yes you heard it right my girls, warm water will help you in cleansing your hair well. Hot water will damage your hair and cold water will not clean the hair scalp properly.
  • Pour some amount of conditioner in your hand and apply it from roots to tips and comb your hair with fingers.
  • Conditioner will help you detangle your wet hair as your wide comb will easily slip in your natural hair and aids in detangling the wet hair.

Above were some of the hair care tips while washing your natural hair. Protective style needs some extra hair care tips that will help you in maintain the moisturizer of your natural. Even though you don’t have natural hair, these hair care tips will help you in helping you get the healthy hair.

  • It is recommended to use t-shirt to dry your hair instead of towels. Towel can create the problem in breaking down your curls and can create fizz in your hair.
  • Also apply your favorite natural hair products to wet hair to get the best results.
  • Don’t forget to oiling your hair to maintain moisturizer your hair. You can use castor oil, olive oil or coconut oil for great results.

Natural hair or protective styles look stylish and elegant but it needs proper hair care to get the best results. I hope above article will help you in getting the healthy and strong hair. If you have any query, you can ask in comment section.

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Faux Locs: Perfect Protective Style for Any Occasion

Whenever we girls plan to go out, first thing that comes in our mind is getting our hair done perfectly. There are lots of hair styles from where you can choose from but faux locs and goddess locs are incomparable protective style. The best thing about this hairstyle is easily manageable and long-lasting. If you have short hair and want to get the awesome style for locs, don’t worry my dear girls there are many faux locs available in the market that will help you in getting the perfect hairstyle.

Synthetic braids are not a big deal if worn   properly. You should keep few things in mind while doing the goddess loc. Above video will explain to you in detail review of the goddess locs. These are the hairstyles that last longer and give you the beautiful look. It will also keep your hair protected from outer environmental pollution. You will get wonderful and protective style simultaneously. You can get it in your favorite color and do it according to your type as these come in the loose wave.

I don’t like hair color. I am the person who likes natural hair most so the protective style in natural hair with natural color is my type. There are many girls who like to keep their hair natural and the look for the natural looking braids. There are many synthetic hair available in the market but choosing the right one is a daunting task as well as award-winning game. It will give your hair a natural look and you can easily maintain it for couple of weeks.

Crochet braids are trending protective style of the year and it is quite popular among girls. The girls with shorter hair generally wishes to do crochet braids but unable to do so. It is time to fulfill your wish with the amazing faux locs. You can get feel of longer hair and the perfect crochet braids. Above video will help you in getting the perfect protective style.

I hope above article will help my girls to get best protective style for their special date. If you want to ask something more, comment below.

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Valentine’s Day Sew In Protective Styles

Everyone knows how much I love Protective Styles. In fact, there are many girls who want to do protective styles but are confused among various protective hairstyles. Don’t worry my lovely ladies, this article is for all ladies who are looking for perfect protective styles. There are many hairstyles like faux locs, goddess locs, crochet braids and many more to choose from but sew in protective styles is easy and trendy. You can easily try it for your valentine’s date. Here is a video attached to make it easier for you.

I am talking about sew in protective style but do you know it also offers various advantages that is quite beneficial for your hair. Let’s discuss the various advantages of sew in hair.

Less Manipulation

Weaved hair reduces manipulation of the natural hair and guarantees hair length retention.

Easier Transitioning

It can be easily transit for women who are dealing with straightening or chemical treated hair into different styles and various look.

Valentine’s Day Sew In Protective Styles

Styling flexibility/treatment

It is true to great extent that girls are not satisfied with their hair manipulation once a week. Many girls want more variety for their natural hair. Hair sew provides steady treatment without giving stress to your natural hair and offers great options for styling.

Increasing Patience

Sew in protective style also helps to increase your patience level as you will not be in contact with your natural hair. It will also help you in controlling your urge to measure your hair length every 5 seconds.

Valentine’s Day Sew In Protective Styles

Safety from the outer atmospheric Elements

Hair weave also proves shelter to your natural hair as it protects from the ruthless factors like weather, sun exposure, chemicals and many more that can cause friction on your natural strands. It will also give freedom to you to use various heat appliances like hair straightener, dryer, curler and many more without the fear of damaging natural hair

Cut and Color Changes

If you are a person who loves to do experiment with their natural hair with various cut and colors then hair sewing is the safest and easiest way to do experiments without damaging yournatural hair.

I hope you understood how easy the various benefits of sew in protective styles are. If you have any more queries you can comment down, I will love to answer it.

Rose.HValentine’s Day Sew In Protective Styles
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Protective Styles: Best Braided Styles

Girls love to experiments with their hairstyles. There are various hairstyles that we want to try but afraid to do it. A question always came in the mind whether it will suit you or not?

Am I right?

Now you don’t have to worry about your hairstyles or your look. Here are some amazing protective styles that go perfect with any outfit and any look. The best thing is that it suits everyone. I hope you got  what I am talking about. Yes girls!! I am talking about the braided protective style. Let’s talk about some of the best braided styles that you can do for every occasion.

Protective Styles Best Braided

Whether you are going out for a vacation or a dinner, braids are the perfect choice. As I have discussed many times African American girls have thick natural hair, protective style is best for their hair care. Generally protective style means braids that are durable. You must be thinking there are so many braids but  which will be the perfect for you? There are so many braids to choose from but cornrows bun is the style that can be look perfect on anyone. High school girls can understand my point very well. It’s not only style statement but also quite comfortable.

Protective Styles Best Braided

Another hairstyle that looks great is Goddess Braids in a bun. As I have discussed earlier the benefits of goddess braids. This hairstyle will add double benefits to you. You will not only look beautiful but will also protect your hair from outer environmental pollution. Moreover, the goddess braids are the most unique style of braids and goddess braids ina  bun will astound everyone for sure. You will get double benefit as it helps in hair retention as well as looks great. Either you are going to office or a party, you can do it for anywhere.

Protective Styles Best Braided

If you are not a bun person then you cango  for a Jumbo Senegalese twists. These are other braids that look exceptionally good and change your entire look. You can never go wrong with jumbo braids. Whether you like glamorous style or chic style, jumbo braids are the perfect choice for you. High school girls or the office girls both can opt out this look. You don’t need to worry about your outfit, these can be done with any outfit from shorts to dresses. I can say this is a perfect style for your valentine’s date my beautiful girls.

Above were some of the most  amazing braids that look gorgeous and are durable. You can also choose other braids for the perfect date. Protective styles are great to manage and look beautiful. Although, protective styles helps in maintaining your natural hair but you should also care properly to maintain the moisture and shine of your hair. I Hope diva Dealzz was successful in helping you to get a perfect protective style. If you want to know more I am here to help you. Comment down below and I will love to solve your all queries.

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Crochet Braids: One of the best Protective Styles

Braids are the most fun part of a hairstyle. It totally changes your look and gives you the confidence to stand in the public boldly. Braids are the most popular kind of protective styles that last quite long. Crochet braids seem daunting task but it is the easiest task if done properly. You need to do it correctly. Crochet Braids need braiding of natural hair whether they are permed or not. You should consider your hair to condition it well to get perfect crochet style.

It does not matter whether you have short hair or long hair, you can easily do crochet braids to your natural hair. Protective style is the popular among  African American Girls because they give you that goddess appeal. The best thing  about crochet protective style is that you can carry it for 6 to 8 weeks without need of touching  it. In fact there are various benefits that crochet hair offers but one of the main advantages is that there is a less tension on your scalp and you can get rid of itchiness.

I know crochet hair is the trendiest hair style but you know you can fulfill your wish of long protective hair. Above video clearly states the styling tip of getting long crochet braids. You can easily do your long crochet style. Only thing you need to do is the proper care for your crochet hair. Crochet hair needs proper care and attention to get the perfect look. You can do protective hair of your style choice. Cornrows are another crochet braids that are unique in design and give you the complete look of a celeb.

You can order your crochet braids to add extension to your hair. It will protect your natural hair from the environmental pollution and gives the confidence of perfect protective style. The pro of the protective style is that you can save your time in the morning as it is long-lasting. I hope Crochet braids have solved your problem of getting you a unique hairstyle. If you want to know more about these comment down below your query.

Rose.HCrochet Braids: One of the best Protective Styles
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Adorn yourself with Goddess Loc Protective Styles

As you all know I personally love  protective styles a lot. I am the personal lawyer for protective style. Protective style is the one of the best ways of retaining hair growth if done correctly. There are many protective styles that can be done by you easily but goddess loc is the exceptional style. Before doing goddess loc protective style, you should be aware of  what goddess loc style is. These are quite the same like box braids that give you the confidence and unique look.

You may be thinking of their advantages as I always take favor of the protective styles. My lovely ladies it has  a lot of  benefit, you can get maximum benefits from the protective styles especially from goddess loc. Goddess loc helps in the hair retention and need low maintenance as well. In fact, if you have done the protective styles, chances are your  hairlossl will be reduced automatically. The moisturizer of the hair will remain. You can go with same hair style for couple of days. Trust me my lovely  ladies, you can keep the same protective style for couple of weeks.

Now you can say no to itchy scalp with goddess loc protective style. It will also keep your hair protected from outer environmental factors as you keep your hair bound with the extension. The natural look of your hair will astound your friends and will definitely make you the hot topic of discussion.  The only drawback is that they stick together as you give many twists and turns to your braids with the extensions and they also feel heavy. It is little daunting task to manage the goddess loc protective styles. Once you learn the art of managing this gorgeous protective style, you are all ready with an exclusive and remarkable hairstyle.

There are a couple  more protective hair styles that helps you in managing your natural hair and hair retention. Keep in mind to use the proper hair products and good oil to keep the moisture of your hair. You can also use serum to detangle your all hair. I hope this will help you in doing the goddess loc and maintain it as well. Comment down below if you want to know more about these hair styles or want to know about the hair extensions or something more.

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Kid’s Protective Style for Natural Hair

I know you want to make best hair style for your child that can last longer. Kids are naughty and they can easily spoil their hairstyle no matter how  hard you try to give them perfect look. If you pull their hair to tight, the hairstyle can damage their hair and  also cause breakage. As we elder girls face lot of hair loss problems, so think about the children. The best way to protect the hair of your child is the hair care. Although hair care is the best way to protect the hair but it is daunting task. You must be thinking how you can protect your kid’s hair, protective style is the answer to all the hair problems.

Kid’s Protective style for natural hair

Braids are the most popular protective style for kids. You can do braids in different styles to get perfect style. Braids are the most comfortable hairstyle for kids as they need to do it again and again. Moreover, you don’t need to worry that your kid will look good or not as braids suit everyone. You can also attach beads on the end of braids to protect the hair from split ends. If you want to give it exceptional look you can make bun of braids and leave front braids loose. Kid’s Protective style for natural hair

Another protective style is two ponytails of braids. Yes ladies!! You can also do ponytail of braids for your child. These braids look amazing and give you the complete satisfaction of  hair protection. I bet your baby girl will look cutest among all with cute braided ponytails. You can do a  split partition in various shapes to achieve the perfect hairstyle for your princess. You can style this hairstyle on your princess birthday or special occasion like a  party or visit to amusement park.

Kid’s Protective style for natural hair

Crochet half up half down is another protective style for kids that is exceptionally stylish and comfortable. Half bun with loose hair is complete justice to your kid’s natural hair. You can doll up your princess with this exclusive crochet style for her birthday. I bet you she will look just like  a doll. The best thing about protective style is that it helps in hair growth and also protects it from environmental pollutions.

I hope this article will help you in styling your doll to get cute protective style. If you want any other help, feel free and comment down below. I will love to solve your problem my lovely ladies!!

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