Thank you so much for visiting Diva Dealzz.My name is Rose and I am a North Carolina native. I am a mental health counselor and a registered behavior technician(I also work with autistic kids). Thought I would take you on my life journey as I eat only organic foods, I love fashion, hair care, skin care and everything girly.

You will find on my site lookbooks for plus size and petite size women, and protective styles for those naturals looks for hair ideas . Don’t forget to support me by subscribing to my site, you never know, you might be chosen for my random $100 shopping spree give away.

You will also find me working with some of your favorite your tubers to help bring awareness of my website. Just a side note, I want to send a special thank you to all the youtubers who have been working with me so far, I sincerely appreciate your support, without you I would not have the current subscribers I have so far. Women supporting each other is a powerful statement.

-My goal is to open an online store selling my favorite wigs and link you to resources that teach you how to take care of your wigs for a longer last.

-Show you some of my favorite natural hair styles.

-Introduce you to some of my favorite outfits.​

Stay tuned and don’t for get to Subscribe!!!



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