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How to wash synthetic and human hair wigs

Believe it or not you can actually keep wigs for years at a time if you properly care for it. I have wigs from 3 years ago just by maintaining it and washing it as needed. Who wants to re-purchase a due to a lack up keep? No one. Here in this blog you will find some tips and tricks to keep your wigs in good condition. First thing first. You will need a wig stand. You do not have to buy those super expensive wig stands. You can make your own wig stand for just under $20 dollars. Here is what you will need: 1 vase which can be bought at the dollar store. 2. Two to three packs of marbles to weight down the vase and prevent it from moving. 3.Styrofoam Mannequin Head that has a hole underneath it to fit the poplar dowel in 4. Poplar dowel to hold the mannequin head. 5. Lastly you will need a hot glue gun to hold everything in place. For more detail information on how to make a wig stand please watch and subscribe to Rhea DerMond.


Now you make ask why do you need a wig stand? Well you need one so that when wash and style your wigs. Now lets get into how to wash/air dry your wigs as well as styling your wigs. Your going to place your wig on mannequin stand and detangle with brush for a easy breezy wash routine. Be sure to get out all the tangles on your wig to prevent it from matting together when washing. It’s simply your choice in shampoo. I typically use dollar tree VO5 herbal escapes shampoo and conditioner on my wigs. Plus VO5 only cost a dollar at the dollar store. More expensive shampoos and conditioner I use on my natural hair but my wigs I use the less expensive because it gets the job done of cleaning my wigs. You don’t want to buy shampoo that cost more than the wigs you buy unless you don’t mind spending the extra cash.

Next your going to want to use luke warm water when washing your wigs. Be sure to be gentle as you rub the shampoo through your wigs. Next rinse the wig and use conditioner. Don’t forget to condition the ends of your wig than rinse once again. Pat the wig dry on a towel and allow it to hair dry over night put placing it on your wig stand. Although most wigs are heat safe, use caution and try to avoid the use of blowing drying a wig to avoid possible damage. For more detail information on how to wash your wigs please watch and subscribe to Simply Airicha.






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