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Sew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles

Hey ladies!!! I am back with another blog. I have been writing since long about protective styles in which I have mentioned various braids and other protective styles that suits best to African  American girls hair texture. Moreover, many girls like protective styles but some girls do not like protective styles. There are girls who like to have short hair but afraid to do the experiment but also want to try new look. Sew in protective styles are truly meant for those girls. Now you have seen many celebrities rocking in the protective style like sew in bobs. Let’s check out few protective style that will help you in the summer.

Sew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles

Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cut bob is the new trend that is ruling the fashion industry. You must have seen blunt cut with side or middle part. This kind of bobs can be medium, short or long. This bob cut is one of the most elegant haircuts and gives you sleek and clean look. Moreover, it gives the illusion of fuller hair by adding weight. This is one of the trending protective styles and styled by many celebrities like Tia Mowry, Rihanna, Kylier Jenner, Kelly Rowland and many more. This protective style will look good on every length. Now ladies you know you want to go ahead and rock this blunt bob style this summer don’t be shy.

Sew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles

Layered Bob

Layered bob is also one of the versatile protective styles. You can alter your hair your length according to your facial structure. Layers in any kind of haircut add textures to it and remove the weight. Layers are great for curly or wavy bobs. Girls having natural hair can experiment it with confidence. Girls can easily transform into conservative to sexy depending upon the length of the hair.

Sew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles

Feathered bob cut

Feathered Bob cut is another fashion hairstyle ruling this summer. This protective style fits for fine hair and adds volume to thin locks as well. If you have short hair or natural hair, sew in hairstyle will work best for you. Ombrecolor in feathered bob cut is trending and many celebrities are ruling the red carpet with it. Therefore, my dear girls, you got one more hairstyle for your party, summer vacation, just don’t forget to add a splash of color.

I hope this article will help you to get sew-in bob cut protective style. if you want to know more, comment down.

Rose.HSew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles