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How to Make Bun Thicker or Fuller in Protective Style

What’s up girls??? Summers are here and girls already started taken care of their hair and skin. You must be planning to carry bun for regular summers as buns are the most comfortable things to do. I know buns are the most simple and easy protective style that helps you to keep relax and comfortable in the summers. Just think!!! If you can get amazing bun by putting little extra effort, you will be happy like I was.

So, are you ready to get simple yet amazing protective style?

Here, I present you the method of doing gorgeous bun with the help of YouTuber trophdoph. She will guide you simple tips to do the protective style.  All you need is to comb your natural hair carefully to remove all tangles and then do a bun in the center with small partition of hair. Then take the smaller partition and twist it up and attach it to the mid of the bun. Do several twists with remaining part of hair. Above video will clear it you practically to make your bun look fuller or thicker.

Buns are one of the great protective styles as they keep your hair ends away from rubbing your clothes or drying. Moreover, buns are easy and low manipulation protective style. You just need to tie up your hair with rubber band. It saves times as it doesn’t need excess brushing, braiding or twisting of hair. Be always mindful not to use rubber band made up of cotton because cotton is absorbent and it absorbs a lot of moisture from strands results in drying your hair. It is advised to shift the position of bun, if you are doing bun regularly. Oiling is also necessity; little dab of olive oil gives your hair exceptional look. Also, use Aloe Vera gel instead of artificial gels to settle down your tiny hair.

I hope this article helps you to get fuller and thicker bun and also in keeping your hair healthy and shiner. If you need to know anything more, comment down below.

Rose.HHow to Make Bun Thicker or Fuller in Protective Style