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Benefits of Sew in Protective Style

Summer has arrived and we girls are ready to rock in the dresses and skirts. Now you do not have to wear beanies or caps, you can show your amazing protective style. Wait wait!!! Which protective style will suit you? What kind of protective style looks best for high school or office?? Do these hairstyles goes for party look as well? These general questions came to mind every time. Let solve the problem this time and gives you some amazing sew-in protective styles.

Benefits of Sew in Protective Style
Many women do not want to risk heat damage of their natural hair, sew in or weaving helps you in protecting your hair from heat damage. Yes girls!!! Be its Brazilian body wave hair or curly half wig styles, you can do amazing protective styles. Weaving hairstyle can be done mid length, short or long. It totally depends on your choice which hairstyle you want for yourself. I am discussing the protective styles or sew-in protective styles but what about benefits??? Let’s talk about the amazing benefits of the sew-in protective styles.

  • Easy application
  • Quick to apply and remove
  • Looks Natural
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Long-Lasting
  • Ideal for any hair length

Benefits of Sew in Protective Style

Sew-in protective style is ideal for any woman. When it comes to natural hair of women  having thick textures, it becomes problem in managing them. This ideal protective hairstyle helps in managing them and gives the perfect look. Besides, above benefits, it also offers some amazing hair benefits to your natural hair. It maintains the moisture of your hair and protects your hair from outer environmental pollutants as well.

Now my dear girls!!! You are ready for your party look with the amazing Brazilian body wave hair or curly half wig styles. Moreover, these styles also will look best on your dinner date and will make you look great. So, be ready with the stunning hairstyle and surprise your loved one!!!

If you have any query or want to know more about these sew-in wigs, comment down below. Diva Dealzz is always here to help you.

Rose.HBenefits of Sew in Protective Style
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Sew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles

Hey ladies!!! I am back with another blog. I have been writing since long about protective styles in which I have mentioned various braids and other protective styles that suits best to African  American girls hair texture. Moreover, many girls like protective styles but some girls do not like protective styles. There are girls who like to have short hair but afraid to do the experiment but also want to try new look. Sew in protective styles are truly meant for those girls. Now you have seen many celebrities rocking in the protective style like sew in bobs. Let’s check out few protective style that will help you in the summer.

Sew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles

Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cut bob is the new trend that is ruling the fashion industry. You must have seen blunt cut with side or middle part. This kind of bobs can be medium, short or long. This bob cut is one of the most elegant haircuts and gives you sleek and clean look. Moreover, it gives the illusion of fuller hair by adding weight. This is one of the trending protective styles and styled by many celebrities like Tia Mowry, Rihanna, Kylier Jenner, Kelly Rowland and many more. This protective style will look good on every length. Now ladies you know you want to go ahead and rock this blunt bob style this summer don’t be shy.

Sew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles

Layered Bob

Layered bob is also one of the versatile protective styles. You can alter your hair your length according to your facial structure. Layers in any kind of haircut add textures to it and remove the weight. Layers are great for curly or wavy bobs. Girls having natural hair can experiment it with confidence. Girls can easily transform into conservative to sexy depending upon the length of the hair.

Sew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles

Feathered bob cut

Feathered Bob cut is another fashion hairstyle ruling this summer. This protective style fits for fine hair and adds volume to thin locks as well. If you have short hair or natural hair, sew in hairstyle will work best for you. Ombrecolor in feathered bob cut is trending and many celebrities are ruling the red carpet with it. Therefore, my dear girls, you got one more hairstyle for your party, summer vacation, just don’t forget to add a splash of color.

I hope this article will help you to get sew-in bob cut protective style. if you want to know more, comment down.

Rose.HSew In Bobs: Latest Summer Friendly Protective Styles
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How to Make Bun Thicker or Fuller in Protective Style

What’s up girls??? Summers are here and girls already started taken care of their hair and skin. You must be planning to carry bun for regular summers as buns are the most comfortable things to do. I know buns are the most simple and easy protective style that helps you to keep relax and comfortable in the summers. Just think!!! If you can get amazing bun by putting little extra effort, you will be happy like I was.

So, are you ready to get simple yet amazing protective style?

Here, I present you the method of doing gorgeous bun with the help of YouTuber trophdoph. She will guide you simple tips to do the protective style.  All you need is to comb your natural hair carefully to remove all tangles and then do a bun in the center with small partition of hair. Then take the smaller partition and twist it up and attach it to the mid of the bun. Do several twists with remaining part of hair. Above video will clear it you practically to make your bun look fuller or thicker.

Buns are one of the great protective styles as they keep your hair ends away from rubbing your clothes or drying. Moreover, buns are easy and low manipulation protective style. You just need to tie up your hair with rubber band. It saves times as it doesn’t need excess brushing, braiding or twisting of hair. Be always mindful not to use rubber band made up of cotton because cotton is absorbent and it absorbs a lot of moisture from strands results in drying your hair. It is advised to shift the position of bun, if you are doing bun regularly. Oiling is also necessity; little dab of olive oil gives your hair exceptional look. Also, use Aloe Vera gel instead of artificial gels to settle down your tiny hair.

I hope this article helps you to get fuller and thicker bun and also in keeping your hair healthy and shiner. If you need to know anything more, comment down below.

Rose.HHow to Make Bun Thicker or Fuller in Protective Style
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How to Use Frontal Wigs as a Protective Styles

Hey girls!!! How are you doing? I am back with another blog. This time I will not talk about your natural hair, we will discuss some amazing hair ideas that will look great on you as well as suit you the best. As you all know I am unapologetic advocate of protective styles, so here it will be a  twist. This time, you are not going to do a experiment with the protective styles but with the wigs. There are many hairstyles that you can do for your high school or dinner date.

Girls who have short hair, gets confused about their hairstyles and do not have many options but now, they all can get beautiful protective style with the help of wigs. Yes girls!!! I am not kidding.You can do amazing protective style with these kinds of wigs. In fact, it has become possible to do braids with the help of wigs. Braids are the most important of the protective styles. You can experiment with braids to get amazing hair styles. Wigs are the new trend of the season and it helps many girls. Moreover, such hairstyles are long-lasting thus it saves your time.

I guess we have talked a lot about wigs. Let’s talk some different hair styles that will look good with wigs. Pony tail is one of the hairstyles that go with every outfit from high school to office. It is trendy protective hairstyle that you can do for every occasion like party, dinner, hangout or many more. You can attach braids to make it gorgeous or can do two pony tails with center partition and braids. If you want to try some more hairstyles, then half bun with open hair is another protective style.

You need to be little careful while using wigs so that it looks original. You can apply some foundation to match it to your skin tone. Wigs are the best for summer time. I hope this article will help you to use the wigs in  the right manner and also taught you some of the amazing protective styles.

If you have any query, comment down below. Let me know, if you want to get information related to some protective styles, wigs or outfit ideas.

Rose.HHow to Use Frontal Wigs as a Protective Styles
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