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Elegant Protective Styles to Rock the party

Hey girls!!! I am here with another blog. I know you must be thinking I am again going to defend protective styles and talk about their benefits.

Yes girls!!! I am going to talk about the protective styles but this time it is not about their benefits. It is all about the elegance and style. There are so many protective styles and braids. Thus, it has become a daunting task to choose the best party hairstyle or you can say elegant hairstyle that suits any party or formal look.

There are times when working women need to attend a meeting on daily basis and it becomes hard to do the different hairstyle daily. At that time, every girl is looking for an elegant protective style that can be carried easily. There are many elegant protective styles but I would like to tell you the few best protective style.

Elegant Protective Styles to rock the party

French braids are ruling this season. Many celebs have seen in French braids during the red carpets. You must be thought of trying it but with natural hair it’s easy to do.

Isn’t it???

Yes??? Now you don’t need to worry about your natural hair or fizz hair because I am presenting you the style that will fulfill your dream of doing a French braid. I am not kidding girls!!!

Believe me!!! You can do French braids with natural hair as well. This is one of the most elegant protective hairstyles you can ever do. Moreover, it will go perfectly for your meeting as well as you don’t need to repeat it again and again.

Elegant Protective Styles to rock the party

Many girls love bangs but due to natural hair, they are bit confused and scared. There is also good news for all those girls… You can do Chignons with bangs.


I am talking about frohawk or bunhawk protective style. It is one of the most elegant protective styles that can go with any look whether you are going for an office meeting or a party. I hope now you don’t need to think about the elegant protective hairstyle. These two protective styles have solved your confusions.

If you need to ask something more related to it, feel free to comment down.

Rose.HElegant Protective Styles to Rock the party
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Easy to do Fun Spring Protective Styles

Spring season has arrived. It is the season of flowers and greenery everywhere and the season of great hair styling. I guess you girls already know what I will talk about. Yes, girls!!! You are thinking right. Here I am again with the protective style but this time I will tell you the amazing protective styles according to the season.

I know many girls don’t like loose braids as it does not make them feel comfortable in the summer. You don’t need to do what you do not like. Always carry a style that not only makes you gorgeous but also comfortable. Buns are the easiest and comfortable protective style in the summer. You can try so many buns with the amazing styles.

If we talk in general about buns, then also it is one of the greatest and elegant hairstyles. You can never go wrong with the buns as these can go with casual as well as the party look. In fact, many celebrities have been seen in the sassy buns. I guess I am going into detail LOL. Okay let’s come to straight protective styles, I mean buns in the protective style.

Easy to do Fun Spring Protective Styles

Accent Buns are the simplest and easiest buns to do. Whenever you are in doubt, what kind of hairstyle you should do, simply do the accent buns. You can never go wrong in this kind of bun. You can carry it with both casual and party look. When you are in no mood to get ready, simply go a bun carry an oversize bag and you are all ready to look gorgeous. If you are going to a party or a dinner, wear a beautiful dress and carry some decent piece of jewelry. You are all ready to rock the party.

Why my high school girls left behind??? This bun is the perfect bun for you too.

Easy to do Fun Spring Protective Styles

Another fun protective style for spring season is flat twist with twisted bang. This hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle for working women as well as party hairstyle. You don’t look only stylish but also elegant and professional in it. Moreover, it needs zero manipulation in the morning. Whether you are wearing a pair of denim or sassy dress, this protective style will truly fit with your outfit.

I hope you girls have got another protective bun style for this spring season. If you want to know the method of this hairstyle, comment down below and I will post another blog with tips.

Rose.HEasy to do Fun Spring Protective Styles
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Cool Protective Style for Summer

Hey divas!!! I am back with another blog. This time I will not talk about loose hair or protective style as summer are about to arrive. We girls already have to deal with so many things in summer, who will deal with the sweat and frizzy hair?

Are you worried about your hair?

Don’t worry girls, you can maintain your protective style as well as taken care of your hair. There are more than braids that you can do with protective styles. Buns are  one of the most popular kind that is ruling among African American women. In fact, many celebrities are ruling in this hairstyle and rocking the red carpet.

Cool Protective style for summers

I know braids come in the mind whenever I or someone else talks about the protective styles but my lovely  buns are also the part of the protective styles. Buns with braids are so much fun and you can also do many styles in it. Braided Crowns is one of the most popular hair style that you can do for summer. It not only looks stylish but also comfortable summer as the bun will protect you from those hair itching or undesirable sweat that causes problem and make you uncomfortable in front of your friends.

Cool Protective style for summers
Whether you are a high school girl or going to office, you can do buns in protective style. In fact, these protective styles will go perfect for any party or dinner party. While you are wearing dresses or denims, buns go with any protective styles. High bun with braids is also another trending style that has gained a lot of popularity.

Braids are the one of the most popular protective style and buns with braids look amazing. As you all girls know that it offers a lot of benefits to your natural hair but in summer the buns with braids make little more beneficial in addition to its benefits. Your hair remains sweat free which means you can carry it for many days and moreover no more itchy scalp due to sweat.

So dear girls, say yes to bun with braids and enhance your personality and confidence. If you want to ask something more, feel free to comment down below.

Rose.HCool Protective Style for Summer
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Amazing Results of Protective Styles

You all know that I love protective styles a lot. I usually do it for 365 days and 24 hours. Have you ever given thought that why I do it so much and why I took its side every time? I talk about protective styles a lot and generally discuss its benefit all time. Let me reveal a little secret… actually, it is not a secret… it is the results that I got after choosing the protective styles for my natural hair.

Guess what???

The results were unbelievable… in fact, I have never thought that I will get such amazing the results for the doing these styles. I remember one saying that patience is always fruitful but I never imagined that fruit will be too sweet.

OK OK girls!!! Don’t kill me for praising it so much. I am telling you the results for the protective styles.

  • Hair Growth

As you all girls have heard that protective styles help in hair retention. Trust me girls!!! It really helps in the hair growth. My hair length increased up to 3 to 4 inches. Prior pursuing the protective style it was very daunting for me to increase the length of natural hair but after choosing the protective style and waiting for a long whole year, the result was fruitful. Now I can also enjoy the feel of long hair.

  • Soft and Smooth Hair

My hair was quite dry and frizzy but protective style makes my hair frizz-free and it was very difficult to manage but protective style makes it soft and smooth. Once there was a time, combing hair petrified me a lot and now there is a time, my hand wants to feel the smoothness and softness of the hair every time.

  • Time-Saver

Obviously girls, it is time-saving technique… you must be thinking how it saves time in future. I will tell you, earlier it takes a lot of time in detangling my hair and then combing it. after protective styles it saves a lot of time as these styles are durable and give you long-time effects.

So, my girls don’t think much and opt out the protective style. if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Rose.HAmazing Results of Protective Styles
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Trending Protective Styles for Spring Season

As winters are going and spring season is coming, everyone is ready to welcome it with open arms. My lovely girls must be waiting for this pleasant weather after chilling winds. You must be aware about two things that spring brings with itself that is heat and frizz.

Isn’t it serious problem?

Yes??? No girls, it is no more problem for you. Protective styles make it easy for you. Now, you don’t need to worry about frizzes or oily scalp or other problem related to hair. As you all are aware that protective style is real bliss for every girl. This hairstyle not only gives you stylish look but also protect your natural hair from external pollution.

  • Easy Flat Twist

This hairstyle is the perfect for any hair type and will give you a complete feminine look in the summer. The best thing about this hairstyle is they will not damage or break your hair as they have low manipulation. In fact, it will maintain the moisturizer of your hair to avoid frizz or damaging of strands.

  • Two Braid 

Two braids is the protective style that can be gone with any look and any hair length but looks best with long natural hair. Although this is not new look still it is perfect look for spring season. Moreover, it flaunts the features of your face.

  • Bun Hawk Up do

Most of the girls want to save their hair strands from spring dangers like frizz and many more, this style is the best for them. It is a great combination of a bun and fro hawk and gives you a complete modern look.

  • Elastic Cornrows

If you are planning for something unique that will leave your strands loose as well as give you an illusion of protective style then elastic cornrows is the perfect hairstyle. This hairstyle is the perfect with soft edges that overpowers any bad weather.

Protective styles are the latest fad among girls and it goes well with all looks from professional to glam. You can never go wrong in spring with these mesmerizing hairstyles. If you want to know more about these hairstyles or their methods, comment down below.

Rose.HTrending Protective Styles for Spring Season
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Best Protective Styles that rule for 365 days

Do you also want to know the protective styles that can be done all  year??


Let me give you a quick review for the protective style that can be done for a whole year. Braids that I forever in love with in the protective styles and can be done in various styles.

Guess what??? You can do braids all year and can go with any occasion from formal look to party look. There are various kinds of braids in the protective styles and some of them are mentioned below.

Faux Locs

Faux Locs are the protective braid styles that are becoming favorite choice for many girls. It has gained so much popularity in past years that many celebrities can be seen in this look. You can do faux locs permanent as well as temporary. Yes girls, it is true!!! Moreover, you can do various protective styles from the faux locs. The best thing is that you will not waste your time in managing it.

Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are another protective style that is admired this year. Despite these braids seem daunting task but if done correctly result into amazing hair style. Do you know that you can do these braids on short hair as well? I am not kidding!!! Your hair length does not matter to do this hairstyle.

Rope Twists

Rope Twist is another protective style that is simple to do yet stylish and elegant in its look. These braids are also known as Senegalese twists, originated from the Senegal- country of West Africa. These are the braids that looks remarkable and you can do up, down, twisted, coiled, curled or wrapped. Moreover, this style prevents your hair from damaging and also promotes hair growth.

So girls, I hope you got the answer of some amazing protective styles that can be done in any season and on any day. Whether you are going for a party or office, these hairstyles will meet your requirements. If you want to know more comment below and I will love to answer you. After all,  these are  my favorite style.

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