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10 Natural Hair Golden Rules For Protective Style

Protective hairstyle is trending style of the year. It looks quite good and attractive but when you tie your hair, you get frizz hair and tangled hair. There will surely be one girl in your group who has healthy, shine and frizz free hair. You must be wondering how to get freshly moisturized hair. Your dream is possible now with simple tips. Yes girls!! You need to follow simple natural golden rules for your protective style to meet healthy hair.


10 Natural Hair Golden Rules For Protective StyleIt does not matter what type of hair you have or what kind of hairstyle you do, the golden rule will be best suited for all kind of hair. The simple hair tips are underneath to get the best results.

  • A balanced diet is very important and main key to the shine and healthy hair. You also need to drink more and more water. Also, make sure to take proteins and vitamin A in your diet
  • Always keep your scalp clean and oil-free; also shampoo your scalp not the roots. Also, keep your hair away from dust and other pollutants. Wash your hair on regular interval that varies from 3 days to 7 days as well.
  • While styling your hair, avoid too many products in your hair as it will make your hair look greasy or weigh down or you wash hair too much that ends up in drying your hair
  • When it comes to natural moisture of hair, you need to apply olive oil, castor oil, monoi oil, shea butter etc to smooth your hair
  • Don’t use hot or cold water for washing your hair as hit water will damage your hair and cold water will not clean it properly so use warm water
  • Use castor oil, hair oil and dry shampoo
  • Apply leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized
  • Use shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type
  • Have peaceful sleep because your hair get effected with daily routine

Above were simple golden rules that will help you in better protective style. Live a stress free life as stress directly affects your hair. Exercise also helps your hair growth and helps in attaining healthy hair. Just listen to your heart and live peaceful and happy life to have beautiful hair. If you have some doubts, comment down below and I will love to solve it.

Rose.H10 Natural Hair Golden Rules For Protective Style