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Protective Styles and Ninja Buns

Change is the law of nature. Every girl looks for a change to look more beautiful and she tries every possible effort to look great. You change your dressing sense to get a more glamorous look. Have you ever given a thought to change your hairstyles? If you don’t want to do experiments with your natural hair, Diva Dealzz presents the ideas of amazing Ninja buns. Ninja bun is latest fashion fad among girls and replaced top knots. You can carry yourself in a stylish look with stunning ninja buns.

Protective styles give you the amazing way to handle your natural hair. Ninja buns are one of the modern protective styles that look great on everybody hair. If you are among those girls who are looking for an easy tutorial for the ninja buns, then I am here to help you. Above video will help you to make a perfect bun.  All you need is hair extra hair, styling gel and spiking glue. Extra will help you in making the bun and styling gel will help you sticking the hair and spiking glue will settle down your edges and give it a perfect look.

Another kind of ninja buns is with front bangs. Front bangs always look great on every woman and ninja bun with fringes will add more beauty. You can get hair band with front bangs and a protective style wig to get a perfect ninja buns. Ninja buns are the best hairstyle for a party as well as casual. In fact, if you are a high school girl ninja bun will make you look exceptional from other girls. Above tutorial will help you in making the perfect ninja bun with bangs.

Ninja buns are gaining popularity and it protects the natural hair in a better way. If you want to get some more tutorials related to it or have any some query feel free to ask. Diva Dealzz is a platform that loves to solve the queries of its lovely ladies.

Rose.HProtective Styles and Ninja Buns
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Protective Styles and Vacation Hair

Are you ready for your vacations this year? You may have bought new clothes and accessories and booked your flight and planned everything. I am sure you must be thinking about hairstyles that will suit best and comfortable for your tour. Protective styles are the best styles for the vacations because of their comfortability. Loose hair or open hair causes so much trouble and result in falling hair but protective hair manages and protects your hair and gives you stunning look. If you are looking for some guide that will help you in protective hairstyles, YouTuber AccordingtoChloeC will help you.

In the above video, she gave the complete tour guide for the amazing protective style. All you need to do is partition of your hair and apply some leave in conditioner to make your hair soft and shine. Make the partition of hair and comb it tightly. After combing, do braids with equal difference and keep in mind that your braids should meet both ends. Do the braids on both sides of hair. After that, tie a headband on your hair it will settle down the baby hair and protects it for next day too. Now start the first braid and twist it and tie it to another end. Repeat this for every braid and result will be amazing protective style.

This video will tell you the some tips that will help you to manage the baby hair or the edges of your hair. In the above video she has used Aloe Vera gel to slick the edges but it did not work for the protective styles. Aloe Vera gel will make your hair smooth and shiner but it will not hold your edges. Don’t try to mix it water as it does not give you the desired results. Curling custard is the best if you want to hold the edges of your hair. To get desired results, tie a cloth on your hand and keep it overnight. You will found sleek edges on your hair.

I hope this will help you out to spend your vacations wisely. Comment down if you have any query and let us know if you find these tips helpful or not.

Rose.HProtective Styles and Vacation Hair
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Protective Styles and Top Knots

Protective hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles for natural hairs. The best thing about the hairstyle is that you can carry it comfortably. There are many protective styles that you can do to your hair but top knots are the most trending hairstyle that looks stylish and elegant. You can carry it to anywhere whether you are going for a Christmas night or it is lazy Sunday, top knots are an easy and quick way to style you up. Diva Dealzz presents you the simple tour guides that will help you to do a perfect top know with natural hair. Let’s check out some of the YouTubers tips to do it.

Above video will help you in the doing top knot or ninja bun in simple steps. She will tell you the steps to manage your natural hair as well.  Take all the hairs towards your head and do a high ponytail tightly. Before doing the ponytail, sprinkle water to your hair to set all the edges. Also apply some hair gel to your hair to set your hair firmly. Comb your hair and do a high ponytail. Later do a bun by taking strands from one end to the other end.

Top knot bun is not new and is a style statement for ages. This kind of hairstyle helps in maintains your natural hair. The simple top knot is not only classy but there are different ways to jazz up. If you are a high school girl or want to go office early, the top knot is bliss. You can do it with any dress and at any occasion. This kind of hairstyle suits every girl. In fact if you are a petite girl, it will give you longer effect. A quick and easy bun can give you a glamorous look.

Protective style offers many benefits to the natural hair from hair growth to healthy hair. If you have any query related to the top knots or protective style, feel free to ask. Diva Dealzz is here to help you and solve all your doubts.

Rose.HProtective Styles and Top Knots
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