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Choose Perfect Hair Brush for Your Protective Styles

Protective hair care is one of the most important parts of the girls’ daily care routine. There are different protective styles that require different styling tools. This causes damages to the hair; combs are the best alternatives to these styling tools. You can use different combs for different hair styles and get the various benefits as well. You must be thinking what kind of comb should be used. Let us discuss the various kinds of combs and their uses:

Wide Tooth Hair Brush

This is one of the most common used hair brushes for detangling of hair. These can be used on both wet as well as dry hair. In fact, this is the best hair brush for curly hair as it did not affect curls while detangling the hair.

Rattail Hair Brush

This hairbrush is the most common hair brush that is used for hair styling purpose. The name itself suggests that it has narrow handle with soft and flat bristles. The soft and flat bristles are used to partition in hair. This comb is used in almost every style from straightening to curling or making the perfect protective styles that may include braids or more.

Paddle Hair Brush

Paddle Brush is also another brush that is commonly used in hair styles. It is large flat and wide hair brush generally made up of plastic, timber or ceramic. This brush is preferred by both professionals and non-professionals to straighten the hair.

Natural Bristle Hair Brush

Natural Bristle hair brush is the kind that is used to distribute oil throughout every strand to give you smooth and shiny hair. In case you have oily hair you need to simple brush your hair with it and natural oil will be disbursed in every part of the hair to give you soft, shiny and strong hair. The best thing about natural hair brush is that this is made up of 100% wild boar hair.

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer is one of the most trending detangling hair brush especially designed to detangle your hair. As we all know that normal hair brush pull out the knotted hair instead of detangling it but the unique cone-shaped plastic bristles work to divide the hair, toughest tangles can also be separate as well with the help of tangle teezer.

Wooden Hair Brush

Wooden Hair Brush is one of the most recommended hair brushes that is used to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. Wooden bristles are soft, gentle and durable that absorbs the excess oil from your scalp and also massages it.

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Other Tips for Hair Brush Care:

  • Clean your hair brushes every week, also clean its bristles by removing hair
  • Swap your brush when the bristles start to brake
  • Use a hairbrush with long bristles that can reach your scalp easily. In this manner they will liberate your hair’s natural oils and keep hair and scalp nurtured
  • Always prefer hair brush according to your hair type. For fine hair you should use a baby-soft bristle is great and common bristles are best for thicker hair. You can also ask your stylist for more advice for different hair brushes.

You can also check various kinds of bristles here. I hope this article was helpful you to maintain your natural hair. Comment down below if you have any more query.

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