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Beautiful Cornrow Protective Styles

Girls are blamed for being late due to hair styling and it is assumed we took a lot of time in styling but no one understands the pain of us to get the perfect hair do. I bet many  girls face the same problem while styling their hair. Thanks to protective style that helps us not only to manage our natural hair but also protect our natural hair. As we all know that natural dryness and brittleness causes a lot of damages to the hair. Protective style is bliss in such situations.

Protective style is the best way to style up without worrying about your hair. The best thing about protective style is the braids that save you from adding more products to your hair. You can also maintain it for many days once it has been done. Braids also protect your hair from outer atmospheric pollution. In fact, it is the hair that catches everyone’s attention. Doing Cornrow high bun is a great idea for the red carpet event or on a special date.

Braids add lot of stars in your look. You can add many protective styles for different occasions. Cornrow low bun is one of the protective styles that is perfect for any occasions and you can do it in the simplest way. You can also different experiments in it like adding highlights, colors, shapes and many more. These designs are unique in every form and the best thing is it gives stylish look and maintains the moisture as well.

Simple cornrow braids are another style that is simple yet stylish. Having braid is style statement that will magnetize everyone. There are few things that you need to take care while having protective style.

  • Apply hydrating balms or Nurture your hair and scalp with natural oils before styling your hair.
  • Dry your hair overnight
  • To protect your hair from heat or dust wear a cap
  • Wear satin scarf on your head while sleeping

With the above tips you can maintain your hair and it helps in hair retention as well. Comment down below if you want to know more.

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