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Easy To Do Protective Styles with Buns

Dear Girls!! Maybe you are afraid to apply harsh chemicals on your hair as you never know which chemical react worst to your hair and damage it. On the contradictory, it is hard to manage the natural hair as they can be quite fizzy. A moisturizer is true blessing in that case and it will help you a lot to get your hair moisturize. A good hair serum will settle down all the hair edges and will also protect your hair from outside pollution or the dust. These all products can help you for few hours but not for whole day. Protective styles is the style that can protect your hair not only for a single day but for many days.

I know you girls must be thinking that protective style has been so common so you want something new and unique; buns are the latest styles that look quite adorable on every girl. Moreover, bun can be go with any look from high school girl to office wear. In fact, you can also to do a bun for a party look. Bun is the perfect protective style for natural hair. If you are thinking which bun and how it could be done, above video is tutorial for various buns for natural hair. There are many buns that you can choose from like space buns, flat twists & buns, French braids& buns, top knots and many more. Top knot and flat twists& buns are the most common buns that can be done in various styles. Moreover, they can go with any look and any style.

Protective styles can be easily carried out if you do proper care and style in healthy  way. You need to take care of few things to get healthy and strong hair. Proper shampoo and conditioning is the first and basic step for proper hair care. After that moisturizer, serum and other curling products plays it a great role. Hey girls with short hair, you can take the advantage of the hair extensions to make the bun. I hope this article will help you and you can rock the party with your amazing bun.

Rose.HEasy To Do Protective Styles with Buns