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Protective Styles and Top Knots

Protective hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles for natural hairs. The best thing about the hairstyle is that you can carry it comfortably. There are many protective styles that you can do to your hair but top knots are the most trending hairstyle that looks stylish and elegant. You can carry it to anywhere whether you are going for a Christmas night or it is lazy Sunday, top knots are an easy and quick way to style you up. Diva Dealzz presents you the simple tour guides that will help you to do a perfect top know with natural hair. Let’s check out some of the YouTubers tips to do it.

Above video will help you in the doing top knot or ninja bun in simple steps. She will tell you the steps to manage your natural hair as well.  Take all the hairs towards your head and do a high ponytail tightly. Before doing the ponytail, sprinkle water to your hair to set all the edges. Also apply some hair gel to your hair to set your hair firmly. Comb your hair and do a high ponytail. Later do a bun by taking strands from one end to the other end.

Top knot bun is not new and is a style statement for ages. This kind of hairstyle helps in maintains your natural hair. The simple top knot is not only classy but there are different ways to jazz up. If you are a high school girl or want to go office early, the top knot is bliss. You can do it with any dress and at any occasion. This kind of hairstyle suits every girl. In fact if you are a petite girl, it will give you longer effect. A quick and easy bun can give you a glamorous look.

Protective style offers many benefits to the natural hair from hair growth to healthy hair. If you have any query related to the top knots or protective style, feel free to ask. Diva Dealzz is here to help you and solve all your doubts.

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