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Protective Styles for Kids

While I understand you want your child’s hair to last for days without having to stick your fingers in their hair. But please do not ruin your child’s hairline. Tight pulling of the hair can damage the hair line causing their hair to break off. Remember they are still growing and so is their hair. Allow their hair to grow to its fullest without distracting the growth with excessive manipulation of the hair. Remember if grown women can lose their hair line due to consistent manipulation than surely it can happen to a little girls hair.  Be easy with the braids. If you’re going to braid their hair make sure it is not too tight around the edges. Make the braids loose enough that it does not cause hair loose for a young child. Let them keep their edges please. Trust me your baby girl will appreciate your effort in saving their edges when they get older.

Hair care is most essential part of self-care Every person whether male or female protects their hair best and wants to style best. In case of children, it becomes little daunting task as they have soft hair that needs extra care. You cannot experiment much on them as their hair can be damaged. Protective style is one of the safest styles for children. In fact, it is one of the best styles when you want to start with the natural hair. Protective style is trendy and it also helps in growth of hair. There are various YouTubers who provide many protective styles for children. You should definitely give it a try to make your children or sibling look more stylish.

YouTuber Little Mind Catchers Natural Beautiestells stunningnatural protective hairstyle of children with flowers. Make the partition of hair in two halves and then comb it to remove all the tangles. Make the bun on one side and start making braids for the natural protective style. After making braids, tie the bun of the braids on the left and right side leaving first braid both sides. After making the perfect bun, attach beautiful flowers to it to make your children or sibling ready for a birthday party.

Another common yet stylish natural protective style you can do on children is a simple bun. All you have to do is braids. Keya J tells in the complete tour guide in her Vlog how to do simple and stylish protective styles. Make the tiny braids with many straight cuts. After making the braids, do a bun of braids on both sides left and right leaving the first braid on both. You can tie beads in the bottom of left braids to flaunt it.

Iamawog is another YouTuber who tells quick and easy 5 minutes tips to have a complete natural protective style. Make the hair partition into three parts, start making braids in the back part. Do a simple ponytail of back partition and start making tiny braids of that pony tail.  After completion of braids, do zigzag partition on left and right side and make another pony tails on both sides. Again do tiny braids of each ponytail. After finishing it, tie left sides of all braids on the right side, and braids of right side on the left. You can attach a bow on the back side of protective ponytail to make it more beautiful.

You can do any of the above protective styles to adore your children but don’t forget to use good curly gel moisture products for kids during the whole process. It will make their hair smooth and shiner. Comment below on your favorite protective style.

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