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Protective Styles Prevent Hair Damage

While my hair is down my back, I must say I am an avid wig lover. Why on earth would I dye my hair one day, cut it the next day and then try to wear it long another day. I love changing my look up, I might want to rock a short wig and the next week rock a long feathered wig (depending on the outfit I am wearing that week, I like to rock a sexy hair to match my outfit). Meanwhile, my natural hair is tucked away in different protective styles. I usually let my hair take a break, especially in the summer because the weather is so humid and flat ironing my hair is non-negotiable so I wear wigs in the summer and in the fall I wear my hair out because well, I have missed my hair of course.

Protective Styles Prevent Hair DamageThe protective styles I use for my wigs are cornrows on wet hair and I use a deep conditioner of my choice or I will twist my hair in two pigtails and wrap them around in a crown-like design to apply my wig. I am a firm believer the less you leave your hair alone the better off it will be. Consistent manipulation of the hair would only cause more strands to fall out such as combing or brushing the hair daily would only add stress to the hair, making it weaker and more likely to snap off when doing different styles. I would also say that consistent use of heat especially a flat-iron can cause severe heat damage to the hair. Simply pick a style for the week and try to stick with it for that week and switch up to something else for the following week. I’ve heard women saying they style their hair differently every day, maybe that works for them but it certainly doesn’t work for me.

Protective Styles Prevent Hair DamageAnother word of advice regarding protective styles makes sure you do what is best for your hair. Please remember that what works for one does not always work for another. There are all kinds of textures of natural hair, so when you’re doing protective styles make sure you’re doing a style that compliments your hair and that last greater than four days so you don’t have to worry about having to re due a whole new style.

Leave a comment and tell us what is your favorite protective style.

Rose.HProtective Styles Prevent Hair Damage