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Hair Tips and Protective Styles

Hair tips are important when you are a natural. However you must be cautious of the natural hair community. All advice does not fit all. Kinky hair does not function as the same as someone with a loose curl pattern. Understanding that you have to set realistic standards for yourself to gain the best results for your hair journey. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t try to use the same method someone with a different hair texture does otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure. This post is designed to help you understand realistic standards for yourself. Protective styles for me has been key to my hair journey. I never expected my hair to grow in seven days and I don’t set unrealistic standards for myself.

Yes protective styles is key to a successful hair journey. When you keep your hands out of your hair and let it do its thing without consistently combing and brushing your hair daily than you will certainly see results over time, but not over night as some will claim. These magic pills that you are suppose to take to grow your hair in like 72 hours is a simple book of lies. You have to be naive to believe those type of hype but unfortunately, it yields to be true for some women.

There is one pill that I will not mention but it catered to women of course and especially African American women. Well these pill was offered to women, mostly celebrity women who already have long hair and it gave other women the idea that this pill will grow your hair their length. It would have been different had to gotten a bald headed chick, but instead they got Celebrities to endorse this pill which was designed to entice people to buy. I’m who wouldn’t want Toya Wright’s long locs. But other women started doing a vlog on their experience and I notice they stated they as well as showed their hair were brittle and had severally thinned after using some of these so called magic pills. The point is be careful who you take hair tips from and most importantly remember eating healthy and protective styles are the key to successful hair.

Rose.HHair Tips and Protective Styles