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Protective Styles and Avocado Oil

Protective Styles and Avocado oil

As a natural for the past 20 years, I have been their, done that and tried it. But what I tried was avocado oil and I detest it. Literally. I saw all those raving reviews on how avocado works wonders on natural hair and it helps your hair grow soooo long. Perhaps it worked for the women in those videos but not me. I watch at least over a hundred videos on the wonders of avocado, as I watch YouTube videos to get the bulk of my reviews before purchasing a product. I marched myself right over to Whole Food to purchase a bottle of avocado oil to use for my protective styles, brought it home, washed my hair and used avocado oil as a deep conditioner. As I was placing the avocado oil on my hair and scalp it dripped on my face and of course I wiped the oil from my face. Fast forward three days later and I had face full of bumps from the avocado oil that dripped on my face. It took me at least a full month to get rid of the bumps on my face and it was time consuming. Not to mention the oil did not take well to my hair and ended up drying my hair out. When I say every oil was not created equal, I mean it!

I became very uncomfortable with trying any new oils and I was not feeling some of these so called YouTube reviews. I had to learn the hard way how to not take everything seriously when watching so of these Youtubers rant and rave about how certain products works wonders on your hair. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to be cautious of some of these reviews as some of them are a ploy to get in your pockets and believe the hype around a product that might be crap but they convinced you that your hair will be laid like to the Gods, bullsh**.

My hair was dry and it was a disaster. I will be the first to tell you that our hair textures are different which means oils remind differently for those with various hair textures. I have been using vitamin e oil and he works amazing for my hair (this post is not sponsored by vitamin e oil lol). Using an oil along with a protective style keeps your hair moisturized and allows your hair to flourish but you have to find the right oil. Do not believe the hype that some people put on by those oils, use your better judgement. Try them on your hand first see out it reminds after a few days and next try on your hair. When you finish taking your hair out of a protective style, evaluate if your hair is dry or not, if it was dry I will trash the oil and try another.

Tell me your experience with natural oils by commenting down below.

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