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Protective Styles and How They Grow Your Hair

If you’re in the process of growing the relaxer out of your hair, or if you’ve been natural for a while and want to make sure that you’re being especially gentler on your hair, you’ve probably heard of protective styles. These styles help to grow your hair, because the hair is shielded or protected, so you won’t have to manipulate it by combing and brushing every day. The styles that you choose for protective purposes can keep your hair from breaking as well, since you won’t have to apply heat to your hair to style it.

Protective Styles and How They Grow Your Hair

Some of the most common protective style to choose from include braids and twists. For these styles, your natural hair is twisted or braided to combine with synthetic hair. So, when you style your hair, you won’t have to use a comb or brush for your strands. Instead, you can just pull your hair into ponytails or twists without putting too much pressure on the hair. These styles are ideal because your hair is left alone to grow at its own pace, and isn’t interrupted by heat styling, harsh chemicals, or combing/brushing.

This is also another reason why getting a full or partial weave may be an option when it comes to protective styles. When you get a weave, you can get tracks that are in the style you want, and the hair can be pre-curled or waved so that you won’t have to use heat as long as the weave is in your hair. When your hair has a break from curling irons or flat irons, your natural hair will have time to grow and flourish, and when you take the weave out, you’ll likely notice significant growth.

Protective Styles and How They Grow Your Hair

Be sure to wash your hair with a dry shampoo and keep your scalp moisturized while you’re wearing a protective style, since this will keep your hair healthy during the growth process. Keep in mind that you’ll need to oil your scalp often, since black hair is naturally dryer. However, do a skin test to see which oils are best for you, since some oils can cause an allergic reaction. Avocado, almond and olive oils tend to work for some black hair types, but test the oils out before saturating your hair just to be sure.

When it comes supplements for hair growth, remember that all supplements are not created equal. Confirm that the supplements are made from quality ingredients before using them. Biotin supplement could cause severe breakouts, even if you take them with plenty of water, so reduce your intake to once a week if you notice any changes in your skin.

Which protective styles are your favorite? Let us know!

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