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Petite Style Budget Friendly

Searching for petite clothing can be a challenge at times, particularly because clothing items in a petite size can sometimes be more expensive. That’s why it’s best to know which items you can purchase for an affordable price while still looking fabulous and on trend. If you’re looking to update your petite wardrobe, here are a few fashionable items that belong in your closet.When you want to look a little taller in your formal or date night outfit, a pair of strappy sandals with vinyl accents are a great choice. Choose sandals in a slightly nude or metallic color so that they will blend in with your skin to elongate your legs. The clear strap at the front of the shoe also makes these sandals even more feminine, and it’s a great way for you to show off your pedicure.Knee-high boot-style heels are also a fun way to showcase your style, especially if you’re wearing a mini skirt or shorts. Since the shoes reach to your thigh, these will automatically be the main focal point of your outfit. Even though you’ll be wearing petite size clothing, your legs will appear longer and the heel of the shoe will give you more height as well.The jumper is another petite size staple that can instantly make you look more sophisticated. The jumper can be paired with strappy sandals so that your legs still look long, even though the jumper has excess fabric at the ankles. A slight V neck is also ideal for this look, and will elongate your shoulders and arms. Choose a jumper in a jewel tone or a dark neutral like navy blue to make the outfit dressier.Maxi dresses are a stylish petite size choice if you’re heading to an outdoor event like a wedding or cocktail party. For petite women, it’s best to wear a maxi dress with a high split so that the fabric of the dress won’t be too overwhelming. If the dress is patterned, finish the look with strappy sandals in a nude shade to further elongate the legs.

Which of these petite size looks do you like the most? Let us know!

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Curvy Style for Thick Women

When you’ve got a fuller figure, you shouldn’t let that stop you from wearing the clothes that speak to your personal style. You can still be fun, flirty, professional and trendy, and there are plenty of ways to pull off the look you want. Here are a few curvy style tips to keep in mind.During the fall and winter, long coats are in season, and you can make a statement with a coat that has asymmetrical accents and fabric variations. Even though this coat is most monochromatic and neutral in color, the leather sleeves and pockets stand out and make the coat look especially sleek and sophisticated. This type of outwear can dress up jeans and a t-shirt, or add a polished finishing touch to work attire.When you’re ready to get a little bolder with your style, heels that cover half of the legs are a great choice, because you can wear your mini skirt or pair of shorts with them. This is a sexy and fashionable way to show off your curvy style, and to show off the definition of your legs. The vinyl accent at the front of the shoe makes them ideal for a night on the town during the spring and summer months.If you’re into the knee-length of thigh-high boot look, you can rock these beauties in the fall and winter. While showing off your curvy style in a pencil skirt or short suit, you can add these boots as the finishing touch to make your legs look longer while keeping you warm. The classic black color means you can wear these with both patterned and solid color skirts, and you can finish the look with a blazer or cardigan that falls at or below the waist.

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How to Find a Curvy Boutique

Being a curvy woman doesn’t mean you have to give up having great style. When you want to find looks that are one of a kind, your best bet is to get in touch with a curvy boutique that can help you customize your look by pulling pieces that fit your personal style. You can look online to find curvy boutiques that have clothing styles you like, or get referrals from family and friends. Social media is also a great place to find curvy boutiques with original clothing pieces that you won’t want to pass up.When you’re looking for outifts that are perfect for having drinks with friends, going on a date or having a work meeting in a creative setting, a curvy boutique can help you pull together a fashion-forward look that accentuates all the best features of your figure. This maxi dress hugs your curves but isn’t too tight, and the strappy heels make your legs appear longer. You can finish off the look with a faux bomber jacket that is just off the shoulders to add more texture and character.A curvy boutique is also a great place to find the perfect outfits for work. Pencil skirts tend to work well on fuller figures, since they make your waist look smaller while giving more attention to your hourglass figure. A blouse in a jewel tone is a wonderful way to show off your feminine professional style, and you can’t go wrong with a pair of black heels.A form-fitting dress is one of the best ways to show the world that you’re confident in your curves and don’t mind showing them off. Choose a dress that falls below the knees to make your silhouette longer, and work with a curvy boutique to find a dress that has a detail that is hard to ignore, like see-features on the sleeves or unique ruching.  Add your favorite pair of platform heels, and you’re ready for a night out with your girls. A dress like this will also make a great impression on a first date.

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Curvy Girl Outfits for Dates

If you’re going on a date, you’ll definitely want to make a great first impression. One of the best ways to do this is to wear a great outfit. Whether you’re going on a first date, or you’ve been out with someone you really like a couple of times and want to continue to make things interesting, stylish clothing is a great way to accomplish this. You’ve got lots of stylish options when you want to dress your curvy figure in an outfit that will accentuate all your best features. Here are a few shopping tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for curvy girl outfits.If you want to wear a long dress on your date, choose one with a high split so that you can show off your legs without bringing too much attention to your thighs. It’s best to choose a dress with long sleeves and a slightly high neckline, so that your legs are the focal point of the dress.When it comes to shoes, faux leather shoes with designs on the heels and straps can make a great addition to curvy girl outfits like a solid-color dress or romper. Or, you can wear the same style of shoe in a classic color like black, which means you can pair the shoes with virtually any pencil skirt or mini dress. The shoes make your legs look especially long and are a great way to show off your pedicure, since the front of the shoe is made from clear vinyl.A strapless maxi dress is also a great choice when you’re looking for curvy girl outfits that will flatter your figure without showing too much skin. A large floral print is especially romantic and the strapless style makes your neck and shoulders look more elegant.

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Curvy Plus Size Top Ideas

Finding the right top for a curvy figure may be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. Even if you’re a little intimated when you enter some department stores, you’ve got lots of possibilities when you need to find a top that flatters your figure and shows off all your best features. Keep these curvy plus size style tips in mind the next time you’re shopping for new shirts, blouses or tops to add to your wardrobe.A top with flared short sleeves and a soft peplum shape works well for curvy figures. The flowy nature of the shirt accents your hips without bring too much attention to them, and is smaller in the waist, which adds more definition to your figure. A blouse in this style that is lower cut is ideal for a casual event like an outdoor party or a first date. However, you should choose a blouse with a higher neckline if you’re wearing it to the office.A V-neck top with shoulder accents works great for curvy girls as well. Select a deep color like  a jewel tone to make you look slimmer and bring more attention to the top of your body. A shirt with a slight V-neck accent gives more shape to your torso and immediately makes the shirt look especially feminine. You can wear these shirts with jeans or dress pants, which makes them a perfect style choice for the office.For spring and summer, choose a curvy plus size long halter top with a large pattern. The shirt should celebrate your curves without being too tight, and the halter style will draw attention to your shoulders and arms to balance out your figure. A top that falls at or below the hips pairs well with skinny jeans or shorts.

As you can see, you’ve got lots of choices when it comes to curvy plus size tops and blouses. Got a favorite? Let us know which top you’ll be wearing next!

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Plus Size Outfit Ideas Using Color

If you’ve got a full figure, you don’t have to shy away from color. There are lots of fashionable choices out there that will allow you to show off your curves while wearing colors that bring out your skin tone and make you look vibrant and confident. Here are a few helpful tips for plus size outfit ideas that feature bold colors.A mini dress with bold print is a creative way to show off your outgoing style while flattering your curves. A dress that features graphics and a combination of images and letters means that you don’t have to wear a dress that is extremely form-fitting. However, it’s important to choose a dress that fits well and doesn’t look too baggy. A dress that falls right above the knee helps to make your legs look longer and gives balance to your torso and hips. You can finish off the look with sandals or heels in a neutral color like black or beige, and a bold lip is also a great choice for an outfit like this.
If you’re into maxi dresses, an outfit that features accents of bold hues on a background of a darker color is the way to go. These neon splashes of color paired with navy blue makes you look long and slender. The definition at the top of the dress brings more attention to your waist and makes you look smaller up too while drawing attention to your bust and making your arms and neck appear slimmer. Be sure that the dress falls right at the ankles to elongate the legs and make it easier to walk in the dress. A long, flowing skirt helps to hide any information, and you can finish off the look with black, strappy sandals to balance out the look.

Which of these outfits will you be adding to your wardrobe next? Let us know!

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Stylish Petite Clothing Ideas

If you have a petite frame and finding the right clothing for you is a challenge at times, there are some simple fashion tips you can follow to make sure you’re chic and trendy, whether you’re going to the office, headed to a formal event, or just want to look your best when you’re out with friends.

Here are some stylish petite clothing ideas you can try today.
Stylish Petite Clothing IdeasIf you’re looking for a fashionable dress to wear to a cocktail party, first date or evening wedding, a mini dress that has flared sleeves is an elegant and sexy option. The sleeves fall just off the shoulder to make your neck look longer, and a short skirt is always a great choice for petite figures, since it keeps your figure from looking too overwhelmed with excess fabric. This stylish petite option can also make you look slightly slimmer, since black and other pronounced dark colors are great for hiding imperfections. You can pair the dress with your favorite pair of metallic strappy sandals or a classic black heel to elongate the legs even more.
Stylish Petite Clothing IdeasFor a fun and flirty look that is perfect for spring and summer, choose a short sundress with a V neckline and racerback or criss-cross straps. The length of the dress will make your legs look longer, and a dress that is patterned on the bottom will help to give you a slightly fuller figure while drawing more attention to your legs. This dress works well if you’re attending an outdoor party or want to wear something that is carefree yet polished to your next brunch date. Finish off this look with a wedge-heel or gladiator sandal. This will make your legs look longer while still bringing attention to the print on the dress.

Which of these stylish petite choices is your favorite? Let us know!

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