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4 Amazing Outfits for Curvy Girls

Want to know how to exude confidence in your new clothing? Rose gal has some great style suggestions you’ll want to refer to the next time you want to give your wardrobe an update, or need some ideas for how to wear the latest pieces.

One of the first things to keep in mind when you’re putting together outfits for curvy girls is that you don’t have to stay away from white. It’s a crisp color that can bring out your skin tone and make your accessories pop. Don’t be afraid to wear all white, especially in the spring and summer months. Accents of gold and silver jewelry will help to bring the look together.

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Amazing Outfits for Curvy GirlsYou can also wear a white shirt with your favorite skinny jeans. White tops pair well with light denim, and you can wear a white shirt that is off the shoulder or one that features lace accents to make the outfit more interesting. Sandals or color-block heels will make this look extra chic.

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Amazing Outfits for Curvy GirlsRemember that floral print or pattern can work for curvy girls as well. Find your favorite dress with floral print and pair it with an oversized jacket and block heels for a look that is both chic and modern. You can also pull the look together with a handbag that has a stand-out design like fringe. This look is great for the office, but it also works if you’re planning a dinner out with friends or want to make sure you look your best for date night.

Form-fitting dresses can also be among the outfits for curvy girls that you choose from when you want to make a great first impression. The dress can be worn alone or with a long blazer, and you can wear heels that are just high enough to give you a flattering silhouette. Even if you choose a dress in a dark color like black or navy blue, a nude heel will add the right finishing touch and will make your legs appear longer.

Which of these outfits for curvy girls is next on your fashion list of looks to try? Let us know!

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Petite Size Do’s and Don’ts

Keeping your petite frame stylish is easier than you might think. Even though you’re small in size, there are still plenty of things you can do to make sure you look your best, no matter where you’re heading.

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One of the most important things to remember about style for petite size clothing is that fitted clothing is key. Don’t wear oversized clothes, since this can overwhelm your body and make you look smaller. Instead, opt for  fitted clothing that isn’t extremely long. You can pair this with scandals  or your favorite pair of gladiator scandals for a look that makes your legs longer.It’s also a good idea to wear baby doll dresses instead of the tunic dresses that are currently on trend. Baby doll dresses give your figure more definition and accentuate the best features of your petite frame.                                       

                                                                                                Shop now! Another trend you should avoid when it comes to wearing pieces that are ideal for your petite size is round-toe shoes. Choose shoes with a pointier toe so that your feet and legs look a little longer. This can also give your look more of a feminine edge and helps to add more maturity to your look.

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If you want to wear a jumper, it’s best to go with a romper that celebrates your petite size instead of hiding it. Stay away from over sized wide-leg jumpers, since this can make you look shorter and smaller.

                                                                                                    Shop now! When it comes to wearing skirts, the length of the skirt should come a little above your knee or slightly below the knee. Steer clear of maxi skirts, since these don’t show off your legs and could give you a shorter appearance.

                                                                                                 Shop now! These are just a few of the petite do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind when updating your wardrobe. Which petite size clothing choices are your favorites? Let us know!

Rose.HPetite Size Do’s and Don’ts
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Curvy Girls Fashion T-Shirt Ideas

If you’re a curvy girl, you may try your best to look polished and trendy no matter what. Whether you’re on your way to a business meeting or have a lunch date with friends, you always want to look your best. In order to expand your wardrobe and find even more ways to be completely fashion, you should try a new side of curvy girl fashion and add your own personal spin to the t-shirt. There are plenty of ways to wear a t-shirt to stay true to your personal style.


Shop Now for your next outfit by clicking the photo!A t-shirt with cutouts is a fun and sassy way to wear this casual clothing item. You can wear the shirt with or without jewelry, and it looks great with a pair of jeans. As long as the jeans aren’t too tight and fall above your hips, you can still showcase your figure, even in a t-shirt.


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A tunic-style t-shirt is also a great idea when it comes to curvy girls fashion. The V neck gives the impression that you still want to look feminine, even in casual clothing, and that you don’t mind showing off your curves. These shirts make a great impression regardless of the color, due to the sleeves and the neckline. So, try to stick to neutral shades to make your outfit complete.


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A tunic top with long sleeves is perfect for fall and winter weather, and is a romantic, womanly look. Select tops in this style in a jewel tone to bring more attention to the lace pattern and to showcase your skin’s undertones. For instance, this rich blue shade works great for cool undertones.


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This baggy t-shirt with a tiger print makes a bold statement, which means it could easily be the focal point of a casual outfit. You can wear this with your favorite pair of jeans, a skirt or a pair of cut-off denim. The shirt is perfect for curvy girls fashion because it has a loose fit that still shows off your figure.

Which look is your favorite? Let us know!

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What Is a Protective Style?

Whether you’ve been growing your hair out for a few months or you’ve decided to do the “big chop” not too long ago, you’ll need to know how to care for your natural hair to keep it looking its best. This is where protective style tips come in. There are a few options or keeping your hair healthy and moisturized while you’re making the transition from relaxed to natural, so it’s best to explore the styles that appeal to you and will frame your face well.Wearing hair extensions of hair pieces is a practical way to give your hair a protective style. This option can be pretty affordable in most cases, and is a great style choice if you’ve got an oval or oblong face. When you use hair pieces for your bangs and bun, you won’t have to use heat or styling tools in your own hair. This will reduce the chances that your hair will break or form split ends. If you want this protective style to look especially natural, it’s best to choose hair pieces that are very similar to the color and texture of your natural hair.

Other protective style options include getting box braids, a weave with a full or partial closure, or another style that involves hair pieces that cover all or part of your natural hair. When your hair is in a style that doesn’t require you to have to manipulate your hair often, you may find that your hair grows longer and healthy. It’s also easy to keep your hair moisturized in a protective style most of the time, especially if you’re able to oil your scalp to avoid and treat dandruff.

You can also wear wigs or head wraps as a protective style, and it’s easy to change these looks up regularly.

Got a protective style that’s your favorite? Let us know!

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Petite Clothing Blog Ombre Dress

If you’ve seen a petite clothing blog or two lately, you know that trends for petite clothing are changing pretty rapidly. There used to be a time when most petite clothing items were pretty basic or standard, since women with smaller frames didn’t want to wear pieces that could make them appear younger. However, more and more women are embracing color. This has become evident in the petite clothing blog world because of the arrival of the ombre dress. Here are some of the ways you can show off your sense of style in a dress that features a color effect that is hard to ignore.

Shop Now for your next outfit by clicking the photo!An ombre dress that can also serve as a cover up for a bathing suit is both chic and practical. Check out a few petite clothing blog entries and you’ll see that a pronounced split in a dress is best for petite figures, since it keeps you from looking too short.

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When you want to break a few fashion rules and wear a maxi dress, make sure that the top is especially form fitting. This will keep your petite frame from being overwhelmed with fabric, and will create a visual balance between the top of the dress and the beautiful ombre detail on the skirt.

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If you’re looking for a more casual maxi dress look, this look skirt and ombre coloring is the way to go. The sleeveless style allows you to show off your neck and shoulders and gives you a taller silhouette.

Shop Now!An ombre maxi tank dress is a great way to show off your casual style while still looking polished. Choose a dress that isn’t too form-fitting, but shows off your curves and falls baset your ankles to give your silhouette a slender look.

Shop Now!Finally, don’t forget about the long-sleeved ombre dress in a mini skirt style. When you refer to petite clothing blog sites for inspiration, you’ll likely find that a mini dress is one of your best bets when you want to look taller and slimmer. This ombre color combination will also bring out the natural warmth of your skin, and is best if you have warm undertones.


Which petite style choice is your favorite? Let us know!

Rose.HPetite Clothing Blog Ombre Dress
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Petite Blog Knee High Boots

When you have a petite figure, wearing tall boots can be a bit of a challenge. That is, if you don’t know the style rules that come with pulling off this fashionable accessory. Here are a few petite blog tips that will help you look your best in knee high boots, no matter how small your frame.


Shop Now for your next pair of shoes  by clicking the photo!You don’t have to shy away from bright colors when you want to wear knee-high or thigh-high boots. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is a neutral shade like black, gray or tan to balance out your look. A striking shade of orange or red works great on warmer skin tones, and helps to make your legs look longer, especially if the boot has a high heel.

Shop Now!If you’re looking for ways to wear a pair of knee-high boots on your favorite petite blog, be sure to look up a few suggestions on how to wear boots in jewel tones. Pronounced hues like ruby and emerald green are perfect for the fall or winter, and instantly give your outfit a more sophisticated look. Try these boots with a black or gray fitted mini dress to give yourself a slim, stylish silhouette.

Shop Now!Suede boots are another way to show off your autumn style, and if the boots are in a nude hue, you can wear them with practically anything. When boots have details like cross-stitching that ties in the back or slight ruching on the foot, your legs and feet will appear slightly longer and skinnier, which is definitely a plus for petite figures. These boots like great with skinny jeans and an over-sized sweater or vintage t-shirt. Or, you can wear your favorite mini dress to show off these beauties.

Is there a knee-high boot style that catches your eye? Let us know!

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Petite Fashion Blogs for Vacation

If you’ll be going on vacation soon, chances are you’ll want to refer to a few petite fashion blogs for style inspiration that will help you look your best while you’re away. When you’re away from home, you probably want to look your best, since you’ll be able to wear outfits and accessories that you don’t get a chance to try out every day. Here are some of the most valuable tips to keep in mind as you prepare for some vacation fun.If you’re going to an area where there will be lots of sun, a wide-brim hat is the way to go. This accessory helps to protect you from the sun without overwhelming your figure. Choose a neutral color for the hat that matches your skin tone; black or gray if you have cool undertones, and tan or brown for warmer undertones. The wide-brim hat is also perfect for several different type of events, so you can wear it with a bathing suit to relax by the pool, or you can pair with your favorite jumper or sundress for a super-cute brunch or dinner outfit.

You can also follow petite fashion blogs to get the latest information on which neutral shades are best for wearing on vacation. Muted jewel tones and variations of tan, green or gray can bring out the cool undertones in your skin and give you a comfortable clothing option for vacationing. You can also choose jumpers, leisure pants and tops in orange, tan, gold and red to accentuate warm undertones and give your skin a natural glow.

Petite fashion blogs can also give you great ideas for sandals and strappy heels that will make any outfit especially stylish. Gladiator-style sandals work well for petite figures, and wedge heels are a great way for you to look taller and still be comfortable.

Got a favorite vacation look? Let us know more about your style!

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Petite Fashion Tips for Color

When it comes to wearing bold colors, you may be a little apprehensive if you have a petite frame. Remember these petite fashion tips the next time you want to add a little more color to your wardrobe.Finding a perfect maxi dress for a petite frame is challenging at times, but if you find a dress with a high split, this will help you look taller and slimmer. A plunging neckline is another way to  elongate your body. A bright color or combination of colors adds the perfect finishing touch to a maxi dress, so select hues that match your skin tone. If you have cool tones, grays and blues will be especially flattering. For warmer undertones, select variations of gold or red.Remember petite fashion tips like wearing thick, angular strips so that you’ll look longer and add more definition to your figure. The combination of warm and cool colors will help to bring out the undertones of your skin and hair, so you won’t have to wear much jewelry with this look. A shirt that falls at or below the waist helps to make your torso look longer as well.When you’re looking for a stylish dress that is sure to impress at a part or first date, the bandage dress is the way to go. This style of dress works for a petite figure, since, all the colors hug the body and make the torso appear longer while making the waist narrow and elongating the legs. A bandage dress with a color theme can bring out your skin undertones, and it’s easy to pair the dress with the perfect pair of metallic heels. For this dress, a pair of bronze pointy toe heels or strappy sandals would be stunning.

Which of these petite fashion tips is your favorite? Let us know!

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Petite Style Sandals

A fashionable or classic pair of sandals can make or break your outfit. When it comes to petite style, you can easily make your silhouette longer and slender with the right pair of shoes.

Here are a few fashion suggestions to keep in mind the next time you’re going shoe shopping.A classic pair of heels with a sandal accent like ankle straps is a great way to elongate your legs. The pointy toe is also ideal for petite figures, since it gives you a slimmer look. A denim pair of heels in a dark wash makes these shoes look dressier. Or, you can choose metallic shades that match your skin tone. For warm undertones, bronze and gold hues are best. If you have cool undertones, silver and platinum shoes are ideal. These shoes are great for a mini skirt or a pleated skirt, and immediately make an outfit appear more stylish and feminine.Strappy, gladiator-style sandals are a cute and playful addition to your petite style. The more straps on the sandal, the longer your legs will look. It’s also helpful to wear the sandals in a neutral shade, sine this can elongate the legs as well.Denim peep-toe sandals are another stylish way to update your outfit. These look great with sundresses and shorts. The cut-outs on the sandals at the heel and toe can make your feet look longer, which works well for petite figures. There’s also a slight heel, so you’ll appear a little taller.

As you can see, you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to the sandals you can wear to spice up your petite style. The right sandals can make you look taller and help to bring your outfit together, whether you’re trying to wear trendier work attire or want to make your casual looks more polished.

Do you have a favorite pair of sandals? Let us know!

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Denim Outfits for Curvy Girls

You don’t have to stay away from denim if you’ve got curves. In fact, there are plenty of denim looks that are perfect for a full figure. Whether you’re trying to find a pair of jeans that is appropriate to wear to the office, or you need a new favorite denim outfit for casual outings, here are a few things curvy girls should know when it comes to denim shopping.If you choose jeans that are mid-rise, make sure the denim wash is not too light. This could give curvy girls the illusion of larger hips and make your body look unproportioned. A medium to dark wash is best. You can also wear distressed jeans to flatter a curvy figure, and finish off the look with neutral heels or sandals.A mid-rise jean with a dark wash is great for Casual Fridays at the office. The dark wash makes for a dressier look and makes your legs appear longer. It’s probably best to skip the distressed look if you’re wearing the denim in a professional setting. Complete the look with nude heels.When you want to show off your curves and still be comfortable, you can rock your favorite denim high-low dress. This look is especially fashionable with a gladiator-style sandal, since this type of shoe will elongate the legs. The cut of the dress also helps to accentuate your figure while giving you the illusion of longer legs.The single-breasted shirt dress is another stylish wear to wear denim. Curvy girls can pull this look off because the dress has a high waist, which takes the attention away from the hips and makes your legs look longer. The buttons on the dress also allow you to be as conservative or as daring as you want with your style.Thigh-high boots are another stylish way to wear denim. These pair well with your favorite romper or mini skirt and instantly give you the appearance of longer legs. The lace-up feature adds more texture to the outfit, and the lighter the denim, the more elongated your legs will appear.A pair of classic heels with a print should be a go-to for curvy girls. These shoes elongate the legs and give any outfit a more polished appearance. If you choose shoes with a pattern, be sure that the rest of your outfit is neutral or monochromatic, so that you won’t saturate your look with too many patterns.

While of these looks do you like best? Let us know!

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