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Protective Styles for New Naturals

If you’ve gone natural recently, you may need some assistance when it comes to caring for your hair and making sure your tresses are healthy and looking their best. Whether your hair is still growing out or want to know how to care for your full head of new curls, here are a few protective styles that will keep your crown intact.

YouTube vlogger IamTraeh has lots of great ideas for wearing protective buns, using synthetic hair that is blended with your natural hair to create a cute and flirty look. For this look, your natural hair is gathered in a small ponytail at the top of the head and the synthetic hair is wrapped around the ponytail to form a full bun.

Natural Metra from YouTube also has some great suggestions for protective styles for natural hair. Her style suggestion works on natural hair that has been blow-dried. The hair has been formed into a double twist that is braided toward the back and frames the head like a crown. After the hair is twisted, it is pinned at the nape of the neck to hold the twists in place.

YouTube hair vlogger Michelle B also has an up-do you may want to try. She suggests blow-drying the hair on low heat to avoid damage. The hair is moisturized and parted on the side and the front of the hair is flat-twisted. The front section of the hair is then pinned up while more moisture is added to the back of the hair, along with an edge control product that works for natural hair. The back of the hair is also flat-twisted, and the front of the hair is untwisted to reveal curly bangs with more definition before being pinned.

Which of these protective styles is your favorite? Let us know!

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