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Petite Fashion Blogs for Vacation

If you’ll be going on vacation soon, chances are you’ll want to refer to a few petite fashion blogs for style inspiration that will help you look your best while you’re away. When you’re away from home, you probably want to look your best, since you’ll be able to wear outfits and accessories that you don’t get a chance to try out every day. Here are some of the most valuable tips to keep in mind as you prepare for some vacation fun.If you’re going to an area where there will be lots of sun, a wide-brim hat is the way to go. This accessory helps to protect you from the sun without overwhelming your figure. Choose a neutral color for the hat that matches your skin tone; black or gray if you have cool undertones, and tan or brown for warmer undertones. The wide-brim hat is also perfect for several different type of events, so you can wear it with a bathing suit to relax by the pool, or you can pair with your favorite jumper or sundress for a super-cute brunch or dinner outfit.

You can also follow petite fashion blogs to get the latest information on which neutral shades are best for wearing on vacation. Muted jewel tones and variations of tan, green or gray can bring out the cool undertones in your skin and give you a comfortable clothing option for vacationing. You can also choose jumpers, leisure pants and tops in orange, tan, gold and red to accentuate warm undertones and give your skin a natural glow.

Petite fashion blogs can also give you great ideas for sandals and strappy heels that will make any outfit especially stylish. Gladiator-style sandals work well for petite figures, and wedge heels are a great way for you to look taller and still be comfortable.

Got a favorite vacation look? Let us know more about your style!

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