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Curvy Style for Thick Women

When you’ve got a fuller figure, you shouldn’t let that stop you from wearing the clothes that speak to your personal style. You can still be fun, flirty, professional and trendy, and there are plenty of ways to pull off the look you want. Here are a few curvy style tips to keep in mind.During the fall and winter, long coats are in season, and you can make a statement with a coat that has asymmetrical accents and fabric variations. Even though this coat is most monochromatic and neutral in color, the leather sleeves and pockets stand out and make the coat look especially sleek and sophisticated. This type of outwear can dress up jeans and a t-shirt, or add a polished finishing touch to work attire.When you’re ready to get a little bolder with your style, heels that cover half of the legs are a great choice, because you can wear your mini skirt or pair of shorts with them. This is a sexy and fashionable way to show off your curvy style, and to show off the definition of your legs. The vinyl accent at the front of the shoe makes them ideal for a night on the town during the spring and summer months.If you’re into the knee-length of thigh-high boot look, you can rock these beauties in the fall and winter. While showing off your curvy style in a pencil skirt or short suit, you can add these boots as the finishing touch to make your legs look longer while keeping you warm. The classic black color means you can wear these with both patterned and solid color skirts, and you can finish the look with a blazer or cardigan that falls at or below the waist.

Which curvy style choice is your favorite? Let us know!

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