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Curvy Plus Size Top Ideas

Finding the right top for a curvy figure may be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. Even if you’re a little intimated when you enter some department stores, you’ve got lots of possibilities when you need to find a top that flatters your figure and shows off all your best features. Keep these curvy plus size style tips in mind the next time you’re shopping for new shirts, blouses or tops to add to your wardrobe.A top with flared short sleeves and a soft peplum shape works well for curvy figures. The flowy nature of the shirt accents your hips without bring too much attention to them, and is smaller in the waist, which adds more definition to your figure. A blouse in this style that is lower cut is ideal for a casual event like an outdoor party or a first date. However, you should choose a blouse with a higher neckline if you’re wearing it to the office.A V-neck top with shoulder accents works great for curvy girls as well. Select a deep color like  a jewel tone to make you look slimmer and bring more attention to the top of your body. A shirt with a slight V-neck accent gives more shape to your torso and immediately makes the shirt look especially feminine. You can wear these shirts with jeans or dress pants, which makes them a perfect style choice for the office.For spring and summer, choose a curvy plus size long halter top with a large pattern. The shirt should celebrate your curves without being too tight, and the halter style will draw attention to your shoulders and arms to balance out your figure. A top that falls at or below the hips pairs well with skinny jeans or shorts.

As you can see, you’ve got lots of choices when it comes to curvy plus size tops and blouses. Got a favorite? Let us know which top you’ll be wearing next!

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