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A special thank you to Fenisha for participating in my recent blog post discussion entitled “ Single moms date with caution”. She gave great advice and was very insightful for her response. Fenisha also earned a Charming Charlie Hand bag for her participation. See her response down below. Have a great week Diva’s.

“ i think 6 months-1 year depending on the progress of the relationship. If the person you are dating makes you more angry than happy then that should be a sign that he should not meet the kids because more than likely the relationship won’t last. If he doesn’t have children i would ask if he likes kids generally. if he does, i would ask how much time he spends with them and what activities does he engage himself in with them. also i like to ask if he is strict, lenient, protective etc and if the kids respect him. one warning sign would be if he speaks down to females. others would be if he doesn’t like kids and if he is arrogant and has very little ambition”


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  • Rose - 2 years ago

    Thanks sis, have a blessed weekend

  • Makisha - 2 years ago

    (:heart1:) congratulations!! N that was great advice for single mothers!