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Single Moms Date With Caution

This has been a much needed discussion. You will find a screen shot of comments I found online about a discussion men were having about single mothers. Now just so you will know this discussion is not designed to make single mothers feel bad about themselves, nor is it meant to make you feel unwanted. Instead, it is designed to make you aware of the kind of men lurking in our communities.

This is a new age of the internet where people can be totally honest without the world seeing who they are. We all know when we go on dates men always put their best foot forward (while hiding their true intentions). Are all men horrible? Of course not, but you need to be aware of what’s out there and you also need to be cautious of who you bring around your children. As a mental health counselor I have found that a healthy family foundation is the most important part of a child’s life. Parents are a child’s role model that means if you’re in an abusive relationship they may end up in abusive relationship.

Please use this forum not just to state your opinion but to also give support and advice to other women who are struggling in the dating world.

Let’s start the discussion!
How long should it take for you to bring someone you’re dating around your kids?

What questions do you ask someone you’re dating? Good example is do you like kids? Or How is his relationship with his own children?(if he does not interact with his own kids or blames the mother of his kids for not getting to see them, or is always blaming the mother of his kids for something. Than that’s a clear indication he is not good dating material lol.)

What are some warning signs that should turn you off quick will make you immediately cut ties with this individual?

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Rose.HSingle Moms Date With Caution

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  • JBA - 2 years ago

    Wow… It’s nice to know what some men really think about single mothers out there; I guess we are all whores, or want to be used for sex and nothing else. So here is a message to all of you men out there who think that you will use me for sex or anything else for that matter…..
    Oh you, man of little girth. I hope you have something more to offer me than quick words, small-mindedness, and a gherkin size penis. You who don’t think that I deserve a meal in a nice restaurant after I have spent all day working from home and taking care of my kids alone. I get to go to the grocery store with three kids under the age of five. I get to shower with an audience. I have all of my paid work to do during the day while caring for my small children, and when I get done with the paid work, I get to do ALL the unpaid work myself: the laundry, the dishes,dueastcondos, the vacuuming, the mopping, and anything else that needs to be done while also meeting the needs of my children and finding time to wash my hair, forget shaving my legs… what for?
    You who believe I am a whore I want to tell you that I was married to the father of my children. I was in it for forever, I wanted a family and when I had one I worked hard to take care of mine. So hard, in fact, that I didn’t even recognize the abuse for what it was until he had me by the throat and told me that he was going to kill me. You, little boy, little man with a little dick, don’t deserve to sit down at the same table as me, let alone share a meal with me. I have worked too hard to pull myself out of the hole that I have been in because of one man, to allow another narcissist to suck me into their vortex of “me-me-me.” So don’t you worry, you don’t have to buy me dinner, or take me to a show. I hope that I never have to have the displeasure of meeting you in person, although I probably have already….

    You are the man walking out of the doctor’s office in front of my family who lets the door close in my face. You are the man who won’t let me in front of you, for fear that my minivan will interfere with your ability to drive. You are the man who ignores my child when he says bless you when you sneeze. You are the man who sneers at us at a restaurant, or complains to the wait staff because we are being too loud. I know who you are, you poor small minded man, and don’t you worry, I’m sure that someday, somehow, you will find another soul as small minded as you are (who doesn’t mind a gherkin of a good time), or some poor fool who doesn’t know better, who loves you for you… and hopefully you will be as lucky in love as I have been, and karma will be the bitch that she usually is and bless you accordingly. And don’t you worry, I would never be fool enough to bring your sorry ass anywhere near my kids.

    Rose - 2 years ago

    I like that response! When I saw these comments. I thought to myself do women really know how some men really feel and think. The internet gives men the opportunity to hide their faces, but women need to be smart and careful who they bring around their kids. It’s too dangerous. Screen them, Ask questions because some of these men are simply pathetic. Don’t get me wrong their are some good ones out their but they are hard to find. Be bless you love and thanks for commenting

  • fenisha - 2 years ago

    i think 6 months-1 year depending on the progress of the relationship. If the person you are dating makes you more angry than happy then that should be a sign that he should not meet the kids because more than likely the relationship won’t last. If he doesn’t have children i would ask if he likes kids generally. if he does, i would ask how much time he spends with them and what activities does he engage himself in with them. also i like to ask if he is strict, lenient, protective etc and if the kids respect him. one warning sign would be if he speaks down to females. others would be if he doesn’t like kids and if he is arrogant and has very little ambition (:hushed:) (:laughing:)

    Rose - 2 years ago

    Very good response. I like your advice especially if he has very little ambition and if he likes kids and how would he interact with them. Your awesome!!!

  • Colleen - 2 years ago

    Im a single mom as well. My son is 5 and i do not go out to even be able to meet someone. Im also nervous to bring soneone around him in case it doesnt work…..

    Rose - 2 years ago

    Sounds like you are really good parent who play’s it safe which is really good for you and the safety of your son. What are your thoughts on this post?

    Rose - 2 years ago

    Very good response. I like your advice especially if he has very little ambition and if he likes kids and how would he interact with them. Your awesome!!!