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Single Moms Date With Caution

This has been a much needed discussion. You will find a screen shot of comments I found online about a discussion men were having about single mothers. Now just so you will know this discussion is not designed to make single mothers feel bad about themselves, nor is it meant to make you feel unwanted. Instead, it is designed to make you aware of the kind of men lurking in our communities.

This is a new age of the internet where people can be totally honest without the world seeing who they are. We all know when we go on dates men always put their best foot forward (while hiding their true intentions). Are all men horrible? Of course not, but you need to be aware of what’s out there and you also need to be cautious of who you bring around your children. As a mental health counselor I have found that a healthy family foundation is the most important part of a child’s life. Parents are a child’s role model that means if you’re in an abusive relationship they may end up in abusive relationship.

Please use this forum not just to state your opinion but to also give support and advice to other women who are struggling in the dating world.

Let’s start the discussion!
How long should it take for you to bring someone you’re dating around your kids?

What questions do you ask someone you’re dating? Good example is do you like kids? Or How is his relationship with his own children?(if he does not interact with his own kids or blames the mother of his kids for not getting to see them, or is always blaming the mother of his kids for something. Than that’s a clear indication he is not good dating material lol.)

What are some warning signs that should turn you off quick will make you immediately cut ties with this individual?

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Rose.HSingle Moms Date With Caution
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