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I Call Bull Sh** On Victim blaming

Well for starters I can’t help but to side eye the hell out of people who put political and religious figures
on a pedestal.

People who look up to these so called public figures in their eyes they can do no wrong. Often times we will hear people say she deserved it, look at the way she dress, or she deserved it she was partying with a group of guys she knew what she was doing or he is a good man he would never do a thing like that, she should be ashamed of herself. People are people no matter the status, people do wrong, some even live double lives, while preaching a perfect life in public but behind closed doors they engage in deviant behaviors only exposed to their victims.

Let’s not forget John Wayne Gacy who was considered a likable man, well respected community figure and a loved family man, all the while he molested and murdered 33 teenage boys. So people can stop with the “he’s my poster, I know him he wouldn’t hurt anyone”. I encourage women to be brave, to not be silent for the sake of someone’s career or fear of being shamed for something they did not ask to happen to them may they be a young girl or an adult woman you have every right to report a rape or an assault.

Women wise up and support each other, remember I am my sisters keeper. Leave a comment down below tell me your thoughts on victim blaming.

Rose.HI Call Bull Sh** On Victim blaming