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Can you have an STD and not know?

This post is dedicated to women who are not aware of the term asymptomatic. The term refers to people who are carrying diseases, STD’s, HIV. Speaking of HIV, did you know one can carry the disease for up to 10 years being asymptomatic( showing no symptoms, looks and feels perfectly healthy while effecting others with the virus).

This brings me to say over the years I have heard other women complain the men they are dating won’t wear condoms because they want the real feel or they got tested for STD’s, and HIV but he won’t show there documentation proving he is not carrying an STD and yet these women have been affected by an STD because they went along with it.

Ladies common sense comes before sex. Your in control, never allow someone to pressure you in to having sex without using protection, demand to know his statues by getting tested together and seeing the proof for yourself. Always remember that one can be asymptomatic meaning they can have an STD and show zero symptoms until they have unprotected sex and affect someone would only be the way they find out they have an STD. Love yourself enough to get tested and use a condom.

Please share your thoughts on this past and share your advice, maybe able to help someone.

Rose.HCan you have an STD and not know?